Tuesday, 22 December 2009

SiteWeave Launch Baffins Surgery web site

Baffins Surgery provides medical services to patients on the eastern side of Portsea Island, Portsmouth and is conveniently located only a two minutes walk away from the SiteWeave office in Copnor - making a great savings in postage since it's quicker to walk to the surgery than the post box at the end of the road!

Their list size is around 8,000 patients, but will probably expand in the near future with planned local housing developments. The practice has been established in the location for more than sixty years with a long Christian ethos.

The practice operates from new premises at St Cuthbert's Church, on Hayling Avenue. They were delighted when they were approached by the Anglican Church, located within 200 yards of their previous surgery, and asked to participate in a healthy living project, developing the Church for wider community use. The new site has been developed with Private Finance Initiative (PFI) monies and there is ample space for future developments.

The Baffins Surgery web site was created by SiteWeave who will host, maintain and promote the site.

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