Wednesday, 23 February 2011

SiteWeave Launch Tasty Trotters Wedding Catering web site

Tasty Trotters have been providing hog roasts, vegetarian options, salads and desserts for some time and have now added a range of five Hog Roast Wedding Menus.

Included with these menus is the provision of china crockery, stainless steel cutlery and good quality napkins. In addition a chef, catering assistant and serving staff will cook and prepare all food fresh on site, lay cutlery and napkins and serve food from a buffet.

The menus are displayed on the Hog Roast Wedding Catering section of the web site and may be downloaded as PDF files that can then be printed.

Whether you require a hog roast for a family occasion, a corporate event or a wedding Tasty Trotters are happy to provide a complete catering service.

The Tasty Trotters web sites were design and created by SiteWeave of Hampshire - create, supporting and promoting web sites throughout Hampshire (and beyond) for more than 11 years.

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