Friday, 1 July 2011

Baffins Surgery is the SiteWeave Site of the Month for July

SiteWeave were delighted to be asked to create the web site for Baffins Surgery since it is only a stone's throw from our office!

Baffins General Practice Surgery moved to its new premises within the St. Cuthbert's Church building in 2005. These premises include six consulting rooms on the first floor, with a further suite of three consulting and two treatment rooms on the ground floor.

The web site contains details of the practice doctors and nursing staff, times of surgeries and a comprehensive collection of useful health-related links.

The five search terms that display links to Baffins Surgery web site on Page 1 of Google are:
If you would like a new web site, want your current web site re-written or want your search engine ranking improved then email John S at SiteWeave or telephone 02392 753 289.

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