Thursday, 3 May 2012

Gosport Waterviews is the SiteWeave Site of the Month for May

Gosport Waterviews is a lovely 2 bed house with stunning views over Haslar Marina. It is located in Rampart Row, Gosport. From here you can visit many local attractions - or simply sit on the sofa and look out of all the windows where you feel surrounded by water!

The search terms used were:
Since all these terms, when entered into a Google (UK) search, yield a Page 1 listing the site quailifies as a SiteWeave Site of the month.

Gosport Waterviews is another SiteWeave Send and Go web site - the ideal starter web site for a small (and not so small) company making a first entry onto the Internet.  Please visit our web site to read about the complete range of web sites that SiteWeave offers then contact John S by tepehone: 02392 753 289 or email.

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