Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jacobs Joinery are SiteWeave Site of the Month

SiteWeave originally wrote the Jacobs Joinery web site in May 2002 and rewrote it in October 2009 - see the SiteWeave Blog Entry for October 2009. The new web site incorporates modern coding and brought images and content up to date. Crucially, the site features many search engine optimisation techniques which have raised its profile so that it can join the long line of SiteWeave web sites of the month.

Jacobs Joinery is a go-ahead shopfitting and bespoke joinery specialist operating from Havant in Hampshire. They combine traditional craft skills and finishing standards with the latest technology in joinery production. This allows them to supply first class shopfitting and joinery at prices that are competitive for their customers.

SiteWeave have a long track record of creating and supporting web sites for small and medium size businesses in the Solent region. They would be happy to provide a quotation for a new web site, updating and enlarging a current web site or providing a search engine optimisation programme. Contact John by email or telephone 02392 753 289 for further information.

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