Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SiteWeave Launch new Safety Light web site

The original Safety Light was invented by Chris Haines and featured on BBC's Dragon's Den in March 2007.

This web site introduces a new product which features a very neat torch which can be set to stay on in the dark in order to act as a night light. In the event of a power failure the light remains on and can easily be found and removed to be used as a powerful torch.

Because the torch is held in the charger it is always fully charged and ready to go - in a power failure situation or whenever you need a torch.

The new Safety Light is available with a UK type
three-pin plug and also in a two-pin plug version which makes it usable in scores of countries around the world.

Both versions will be available from mid-April.

SiteWeave have been working with Chris since the days of the original Safety Light and created the initial site in 2007 and the lastest site during the last few months.

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