Wednesday, 20 December 2006

SiteWeave launch new web site for CJ Precision

SiteWeave first designed the CJ Precision web site in 2000, indeed it one of our first web sites, and we are proud to remain associated with this dynamic, modern company.

In a world where designers are getting younger and manufacturing is increasingly being 'off-shored', CJ Precision will provide a service in manufacturing, in the local community, which allows entrepreneurs, start up and established companies to compete in global markets.

See the new site at:

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

SiteWeave adds December Newsletter to IMC web site

SiteWeave adds the December Newsletter "Making a Difference" to the IMC (In Ministry to Children) web site - please visit: IMC works with street children in Colombia With an estimated 100,000 children on the streets in Bogota alone, IMC facts a challenge. Life is a fight for survival. Street children must confront death as a normal thing. So they develop strategies for survival that may compound already perilous circumstances. IMC aims to meet each need, each child where he/she is and rescue them from threat and abuse. Families are supported to keep them together. Some children were living on the streets, others were heading towards the streets because of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. An IMC home is not an orphanage, but a real home, with caring, loving house parents and support, aiming to provide care and protection with Christian principles and promoting good morals within the culture of the country.

Friday, 1 December 2006

SiteWeave updates the Scorpios Sailing web site

Scorpios Sailing SiteWeave have updated the Scorpios Sailing web site to include details of their Summer 2006 season. Scorpios is a 45 foot ketch which offers wonderful relaxed, informal sailing holiday exploring the Ionian Islands of Greece. Featured in the updates are photographs taken during this summer's sailing and details of next year's season.

To find out more, visit