Friday, 22 June 2012

Spotlight on MouseMesh

Small, Medium and Large
MouseMesh Grills
MouseMesh is a grille that fits over airbricks to prevent mice entering your home.  Mice can enter any hole that you can pass a pencil through and an air brick is just another entrance-way as far as they are concerned!

The mesh is made of stainless steel and there are three different coloured plastic frames: white, black and brown.  In addition there are versions of all three sizes with a stainless steel frame, thus making the MouseMesh rat proof.

MouseMesh come in three sizes - all are wide enough to cover the width of one brick and the medium size will cover the height of two bricks and the large size will cover the height of three bricks.

The mesh is fine enough to prevent a range of insects such as beetles, wasps and bees from entering your property.

SiteWeave wrote the MouseMesh web site in 2008 it has featured in this Blog several times since then:
MouseMesh grilles are easy to fit, either by using screws or glue (stainless steel screws are supplied with stainless steel frame MouseMesh).  Whilst many are sold to indiviuals large numbers are sold to builders, care homes and hospitals.

MouseMesh is an effective and humane way of ensuring that your home is free of mice.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Peter Ashley Activity Centres is the SiteWeave Web Site of the Month for June

Peter Ashley Activity Centres organise a wide range of activities in the two forts atop Portsdown Hill, overlooking Portsmouth.

Fort Widley offers riding lessons and other equestrian activities while Fort Purbrook is the venue for archery, climbing, judo, karate and more...

For a site to be designated SiteWeave web site of the month it must be found on Page 1 of Google for five search terms - the Peter Ashley Activity Centres provided five Google Page 1s with a ranking of 1.

The search terms were:

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