Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tasty Trotters add a video to their web site

Tasty Trotters provide hog roasts for wedding receptions and other events where a barbeque is a convenient and tasty way to feed a large number of people.

The video below, which is also shown on the Tasty Trotters web site, shows a hog being roasted.

The Tasty Trotters web site is one of several SiteWeave web sites that feature a video. Videos are uploaded to YouTube then the link to the video embedded in the client's web site.

Other Examples of Videos on SiteWeave web sites:

If you are interested in adding a video to your web site please contact John Studd by email or telephone 02392 753 289.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Bin It is the SiteWeave Site of the Month for December

Bin It is a Family run business which removes all sorts of materials from your home: garden waste scrap metal, old washing machines, refridgerators and dish washers. They have the necessary licences to be able to dispose of these items legally and they save you a lot of troule and work.

In addition, Bin It have two other operations: House and Flat Removals and a Car Scraping Service.

All three web sites are examples of SiteWeave's Small Web Sites - single page web sites that offer the new or small business a web presence - and as we see, one that works!

If you are interested in a web site the contact SiteWeave - we have three main styles of web site:

Contact John at SiteWeave by email or telephone: 02392 753 289

Thursday, 28 October 2010

SiteWeave launch Atlas Trailer Hire Kent web site

Following the success of Atlas Trailers in Hampshire (www.atlastrailers.co.uk) a new branch has opened in Kent.

The new operation will offer the same wide range of trailers for hire - some 25 trailer types - and the same excellent service as provided by the Hampshire branch. Visit the Kent web site at: www.kenttrailerhire.co.uk.

SiteWeave have a long standing business connection with Atlas Trailers having written their first web site in 2006.

Both the Hampshire and Kent trailer hire web sites are examples of SiteWeave Send and Go web sites - six page web sites that can be set up very quickly since the client sends SiteWeave the content and SiteWeave creates the web site.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

SiteWeave launch new Geotechnical Consulting web site

Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Limited (GEOSURE) is a company based in Portsmouth with a wealth of experience in geotechnical and geoenvironmental design.

They undertake:
They Provide:
The Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting web site is another of SiteWeave's Send and Go web sites - designed for the small business as a quick and economically priced web site that will have your company on the Internet within a very short time.

If you would like to know more visit the SiteWeave web site or email John Studd.

Monday, 11 October 2010

New Colours for Mousemesh

Mousemesh is the clever grid that fits over three sizes of air brick in order to keep mice out of your home. Initially Mousemesh was only available with a white plastic trim, but now it is available in the same three sizes in white, brown or black.

Mousemesh has been greeted as a useful innovation by the Press, the Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence Service and private individuals - see the Mousemesh Testimonials Page for details.

Now, with a choice of colours, Mousemesh can be fitted to a range of walls to fit in with an existing colour scheme or to provide a contrast.

You can buy Mousemesh products (including the glue used to stick them to walls) from the web site using your credit card or PayPal - and visitors from France, Germany or Spain can read about Mousemesh in their own language then buy some in Euros.

The Mousemesh web site was created by SiteWeave who have maintaned and developed the site over the past few years.

See these other Blog entries for Mousemesh:
If you need a web site please visit the SiteWeave web site or email John Studd at SiteWeave.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Ryde Bookshop is SiteWeave Site of the Month for October

Ryde Bookshop, at the top of the High Street, is an Aladdin's cave of books, post cards, calendars and maps - may of local interest. There are some 30,000 books in five rooms and if you can't find what you're looking for then Mark will happily order if for you!

The bookshop is site of the month because it can be found on Page 1 of Google Uk when searching with five different terms:
  • second hand books ryde
  • antiquarian books isle of wight
  • bookshops ryde
  • bookshops isle of wight
  • bookshops iow
Fo a full list of all the SiteWeave Sites of the month, starting in January 2008, see the SiteWeave web site.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SiteWeave Launch Freelance Digger Driver Site

Claytyn Jones is a freelance digger driver and he asked SiteWeave to create a web site for him so that he could attract clients who did not want to work through digger driver agencies but go straight to the driver.

Our One Page "Internet Business Card" web site is ideal for people like Claytyn who do not need a multipage web site but want to have a presence on the Internet. The site displays details of his experience and his terms of employment so that anyone who wants to employ an experienced digger driver for just a day, or longer, can contact him directly. Using the web both site potential clients and Claytyn avoid the hassle and expense of involving an agency.

One Page "Internet Business Card" web sites can be created very quickly, especially if, like Claytyn, you email your content since SiteWeave undertake the design of the web site. If you are interested in a web site like this - or our Send and Go web sites or Bespoke web sites please telephone us on 02392 753 289 or email John S.

Monday, 23 August 2010

SiteWeave add a YouTube Video to Atlas Trailers web site

Atlas Trailers have had a web site with SiteWeave for several years - displaying details of the many trailers that they have for sale. Recently they created a video showing how one of their tipping trailers can used and configured. SiteWeave have uploaded this video to YouTube then added a link to the video from the Atlas Trailers web site.

The video can be seen on the Atlas Trailers web site and here:

In addition to selling trailers, Atlas Trailers also hire a wide range of trailers - see the Atlas Trailer Hire web site.

If you would like to add a video to your web site then please contact John S at SiteWeave (John.S@SiteWeave.net) and we will arrange it for you!

Friday, 20 August 2010

SiteWeave launch Car Scrapping Web Site

Getting rid of an old car isn't a straightforward operation - these days there is paper work to complete and you must take care to have old car disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

We Scrap Any Car will look after all of that - just contact them and they will complete all of the paperwork and take your car - and your scrapping troubles - off your hands.

We Scrap Any Car is the third one page web site SiteWeave have created for Ron Bateman and his son Jamie see also

A busy family!

SiteWeave have designed created and uploaded several one page web sites this summer - take a look at these sites w've done: SiteWeave Single Page Web Sites.

Monday, 16 August 2010

SiteWeave Launch New Fitness Web Site

GTX Fitness Personal Trainers operate from the Nuffield Health Centre, close to the Mountbatten Centre in North Portsmouth. In addition to an excellent personal training programme delivered by experts, their clients have all the benefits of the Health Centre facilities.

Whilst on a personal training programme with GTX Fitness, you will enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped fitness gym and aerobics studio, swimming pool, etc. In addition there is an excellent bar and cafeteria in which to relax after a demanding personal training session.

The facilites which you enjoy as a GTX Personal Fitness Client include:

  • Air-conditioned fully equipped gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Saunas
  • Steam Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Aerobics Studios
  • Free Parking
  • Free Changing and Showers
  • Cafeteria and Bar
The GTX Fitness web site was designed and created by SiteWeave who have been creating web sites for Hampshire and beyond for more than ten years. If you would like a new web site, or would like your current web site updated or for search engine optimisations services email John at John.S@SiteWeave.net or telephone 02392 753 289.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

SiteWeave launch new web site for Trumpet Player Mark Upton

Mark doesn't just play the trumpet - he also plays the flugelhorn and teaches both instruments.

Mark began studying the trumpet at the age of six, encouraged by his parents (themselves both successful trumpet players). Mark spent his school years playing in local brass bands, orchestras, big bands and soul bands. In 1996 he was awarded the prestigious White Cliffs Arts Award for Outstanding Student of the Arts by the Local council.

In addition to solo performances Mark heads up The Mark Upton Quartet and The Blue Monks Duo. If you would like to book Mark, the Quartet or the Duo please visit the contact page on his web site.

The Mark Upton web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services, designing, creating, hosting and promoting web sites throughout Hamphsire - and beyond - for more than ten years.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

SiteWeave Launch new site for Petersfield Methodist Church

The Methodist Church, in Station Road Petersfield is not only home the the Methodists of Petersfield, it also serves as a home for a range of other activities including table tennis, country dancing, Messy Church and Saturday morning coffee.

The Petersfield Methodist Church web site is the fifth one-page web site that SiteWeave have designed, created and launched this month.

If you would like a small web site then do contact John at SiteWeave or look at the One Page web sites that we have created.

Friday, 23 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new site for Brewers Roofing

Brewers Roofing is a small family run business with more than 35 years experience in the Industrial Roofing and Cladding field. Although they are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire they have completed contracts as far away and Yorkshire and overseas in the Falklands!

They undertake all aspects of Industrial Roofing and Cladding: from new steelwork frames to stripping old, existing roof coverings and cladding and replacing them with new roofs and cladding.

This web site is another SiteWeave One Page Web Site - ideal for those organisations that cannot justify the cost of a multi-page web site but still wish to have an Internet presence. Such site can be developed at some later time.

And being small does not mean that the site does not rank well with search engines - see our Blog entry Small is Beautiful where were report of the sucees of three one-page web sites.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Small is Beautiful!

July has been a busy month at SiteWeave and we launched three new, single page web sites:
A check on the Google ranking of these three sites shows that although they are small, they are working beautifully!

A2Z Removals of Portsmouth searches:
flat removals portsmouth - ranks 1
house removals havant - ranks 4

Bin It Portsmouth searches
washing machines removed portsmouth - ranks 1
garden waste disposal portsmouth - ranks 5

Blue Door Bindery searches
repairing old books hampshire - ranks 1
bookbinding hampshire - ranks 8

One of the features of a web site that can aid its high ranking is the size - generally the bigger the web site the higher ranked it is. But a small web site that is well designed, has good, appropriate content and is well optimised can - as we see from these three web sites - also rank well.

SiteWeave have been designing, building and promoting web sites for more than ten years and host more than 100 web sites, most of which we have designed. If you would like a new web site, have a web site that you'd like updated or promoted then please contact John S at SiteWeave for a discussion and estimate.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new web site for Bin It Portsmouth

If you live in the Portsmouth area and have household or garden rubbish to remove or an old washing machine, fridge or tumble drier to dispose of then you'd do well to contact Bin It.

Bin It
is a small, family run business, established in Portsmouth for more than five years. They will remove and dispose of rubbish from your home, garage or garden - and aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible.

They have a licence to dispose of rubbish in commercial dumps and will also arrange proper disposal of electrical items such as refridgerators which can be a problem for private indivuals to get rid of.

The Bin It web site is a SiteWeave one page web site, with an additional contact page. Such web sites are ideal for small companies who cannot justify the cost of a full web site but require an Internet presence. In addition to one page web sites SiteWeave provide six page Send and Go web sites and multipage bespoke web sites.

For details see the SiteWeave web site, telephone John S on 02392 753 289 or email John.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new site for Blue Door Bindery

The Blue Door Bindery is a small workshop just outside Petersfield where Gaynor Williams works as a bookbinder: repairing, restoring and making books using traditional techniques and materials.

Using hand made paper and some unusual animal skins - including fish skin - Gaynor brings life to old books and creates wonderful new books.

The Blue Door Bindery web site is a single page web site with an additional contact page. Such site are ideal for small enterprises such as Gaynor's which want an Internet presence but cannot justify the creation of a large web site.

As an artist, Gaynor also features on SiteWeave's web site for artists: Watershed Galleries.

Whether you want a single page web site, a six page Send and Go web site or a full scale, bespoke web site contact SiteWeave - we can help design, create, host and promote your web site, whatever the size.

Monday, 5 July 2010

SiteWeave Launch new site for A2Z Removals of Portsmouth

a2z Removals are a small, family run business, established in Portsmouth for more than ten years.

They can move your furniture and belongings whether from a flat, a or one, two or three bedroom home. They can also provide boxes and a packing service.

a2z Removals are:

  • FULLY insured - high goods-in-transit insurance
  • Based in Portsmouth and willing to work throughout Hampshire and surrounding counties
  • Reliable and easy to deal with
The A2Z Removals web site is a single page web site, with an additional contact page. Such sites are ideal for small companies or for companies just starting up. These single page web sites provide an Internet presence and can be developed at a later date into a SiteWeave Send and Go web site or into a SiteWeave Bespoke web site.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Broadside Folk Club is SiteWeave Site of the Month for July

The Broadside Folk Club welcomes acoustic performers of all types and standards. We presently have unaccompanied singers, and musicians with guitars, concertinas, whistles, mandolins and more. Whether you're a seasoned preformer or just starting out you will find a welcome at the Broadside.

Our Wednesday evening starts at 8.30pm when George calls for order. The singaround passes from person to person and depending on numbers you may get perform two to three times. Of course there is no obligation to take part and you will be welcome as spectator if you prefer.

The Broadside Folk Club can be found on Page 1 of Google using five search terms:

This qualifies it to be listed as the SiteWeave web site of the month - the 30th web site to be listed since we started the "Site of the Month" page in January 2008.

If you would like to discuss optimising your web site then please see our Programmed Search Engine Optimisation programme or contact John S at SiteWeave.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

South Downs Village Shop and Tea Room is Web Site of the Month for June

The South Downs Village Shop and Tea Room opened in April 2009 to serve the local population of Compton, West Sussex with a shop and tea room and also to provide rest and refreshment for passing walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.

Fulfilling a real local need, the shop has become a popular ammenity and was nominated by its customers for a Countryside Alliance Award, winning the south-east region award for the best village shop.

The web site provides information about the shop and also about the local area, including walks and photographs.

SiteWeave are delighted with the success of the web site and the shop and wish all the staff and customers well.

New artist joins Watershed Galleries

Watershed Galleries is SiteWeave's on-line gallery for artists in the south of England. Artists can start with three pages on the site:

  • About Page: giving information about the artist, their training, experience and exhibitions
  • Current Exhibits: displaying up to five art works with details including prices
  • Contact Page: showing contact details and location
People visiting the site can browse through the exhibits and then contact the artist directly.

The cost of the initial three pages is £100.00 per year and additional pages can be created for £45.00 each.

The new artist is Gaynor Williams who is a bookbinder, working from a workshop just outside Petersfield in Hampshire.

Watershed Galleries was set up by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP to support artists by providing an Internet presence without large initial setup costs. In addition to this cost saving, by being part of an online community individual artists benefit from sharing a large web site which is effectively optimised for search engine ranking.

If you are interested in joining the Watershed Galleries community please visit the site: www.watershed-galleries.co.uk or contact John Studd at SiteWeave for more details.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Woodmancote Contractors are SiteWeave web site of the month

Woodmancote Contractors supply equipment and services to farms in West Sussex and Hampshire. Their web site was enlarged by SiteWeave in February 2010 (see the Blog entry) and has now been selected as the SiteWeave web site of the month since it can be found on Page 1 of Google when searched for using five search terms.

If you would like you web site promoted by SiteWeave, using several years of SEO experience then please contact John and ask for details of the SiteWeave Programmed Search Engine Optimisation scheme.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Intersafe awarded ISO 9001 Certificate

Following an assessment by an independent organisation, Intersafe has been successful in achieving ISO 9001 Certification. This Internationally recognised prestigious award for quality is an International Standard in use worldwide as a benchmark for Quality.

SiteWeave didn't write the Intersafe web site but have maintained and promoted it over a number of years.

If you need a web site or if you already have a web site that needs updating and/or promoting them contact John at SiteWeave for an informal discussion of your needs. We are happy to provide free estimates for all our work.

SiteWeave Articles

Publishing articles on article publishing web sites is a good way to promote your web site and also provide some interesting and useful information to visitors. When articles are published they contain a brief biography of the author and contact details - including a link to your web site. This is a one-way link and will therefore help enhance your search engine ranking.

Anyone may copy your articles and republish them and, crucially, must include your biography and contact details, thus adding to the number of one way links.

Recently SiteWeave have published two articles:
  • Points to Consider Before Selecting a Web Design Company
  • How to Write a Business Web Site
These have been published by

Ezine Articles
These articles have also been submitted to other article publishing web sites and we will publish details about them in a later posting.

Monday, 22 March 2010

SiteWeave add Google Translate to client's web sites

Google Translate is a service provided by Google which can be used to translate words, documents and even whole web sites into a variety of languages. At present his service is provided at no cost - a cost may be applied in the future.

SiteWeave have added a link to Google Translate on two of our client's web sites:

Google Tranlate can also translate PDF files stored on your web site!
Although the Google Translate service is provided at no cost, SiteWeave will make a small charge for the cost of integrating the code onto your web site and testing it. If you are interested please contact John at SiteWeave.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

SiteWeave re-create Finance Team web site

The Finance Team web site has been hosted by SiteWeave for some years but maintained by members of the Finance Team staff, using FrontPage. The FrontPage software is now getting old and is no longer supported by Microsoft so SiteWeave we asked to re-create the web site using modern coding techniques.

This we have done and the new site, boasting more graphics, slimmer coding and basic search engine optimisation is now up and running!

SiteWeave have been creating web sites, big and small, for more than ten years. If you'd like a web site, or if you have one that needs updating or promoting please contact John Studd at SiteWeave for a chat and an estimate!

Monday, 8 March 2010

SiteWeave submit another Article for Vistaplan-Arand

Vistaplan-Arand are a Powder Coating
company based in Daventry, Northampstonshire. SiteWeave wrote and now maintain and promote their web site.

Chris Shannon, General Manager of Vistaplan-Arand has written articles relating to the history and development of powder coating and SiteWeave have published these on several article publishing web sites.

Four of these articles have been published on the Ezinearticles web site:
These articles have proved to be interesting reading and also help raise the search engine ranking of the web site as, attached to each article, is information about Chris, Vistaplan-Arand and a link to the Vistaplan-Arand web site.

SiteWeave have also created links to the latest article on Twitter and Facebook. Social networks are becoming increasingly important in promoting web sites and SiteWeave are actively involved in this area.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

SiteWeave Launch Tasty Trotters web site

Tasty Trotters provide a range of mouth-watering food for a variety of functions - hog roasts, roast lamb and pork, barbeque chicken and fish - and a selection of salads and vegetarian foods.

The Tasty Trotters web site is another of our successful Send and Go web sites and shows how quickly such sites can be created and put online: Dan telephone us one lunch time and arranged to call round to the SiteWeave office that afternoon. We showed him several current Send and Go web sites and he was so impressed that he left a deposit that afternoon!

During the next two weeks Dan sent us the content for the web site and SiteWeave registered the domain name and worked on the design. Once all the content was to hand we uploaded the site and registered it with Google.

So, within two weeks on the initial telephone call the web site was up and running! Send and Go at its best!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

CJ Tools is SiteWeave site of the month for March

C J Tools supply precision engineered products, components and assemblies to many industries that demand the best in terms of quality, price and delivery.

They support their customers through sharing their expertise in design for manufacture. Manufacturing in optimal methods and employing the most suitable processes they will deliver long term sustainable products and services. CJ Tools will integrate with client designers and specifiers and continue to deliver competitive advantage through optimised designs and supply chain excellence.

The current web site is the third web site that SiteWeave have created for CJ Tools and we are pleased to say that it features on at rank 1 on page 1 of Google for five search terms - check this out on the SiteWeave web site!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Enlarged Woodmancote Contractors web site is now on line

SiteWeave began the Woodmancote Contractors web site some time ago but pressure of work prevented the agricultural contractors from providing the content required to complete the site. Winter is the quietest time of the year on the land and so over January and February the site has been completed.

Woodmancote Agricultural Contractors are based near Emsworth on the West Sussex/Hampshire border. With over 35 years of experience, the business provides an extensive range of agricultural services: from forage harvesting to combining, from hedge trimming to compost spreading and from drilling to baling. They also provide complete and part farm contracts.

Partnerships with landowners and farmers is an increasingly important part of their business and they have formed various share farming agreements over the past ten years, giving farmers a guaranteed return on investment.

SiteWeave worked closely with Nick Smith of Woodmancote Contractors to build the bespoke web site that displays the equipment they use and describes the services they provide.

If you are interested in a web site, be it large or small, contact SiteWeave to discuss your needs - with ten years of experience in web site design and search engine optimisation and 100 web sites currently on the Internet we are sure that we can create and promote a web site that will help you and your business.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

SiteWeave Launch new Safety Light web site

The original Safety Light was invented by Chris Haines and featured on BBC's Dragon's Den in March 2007.

This web site introduces a new product which features a very neat torch which can be set to stay on in the dark in order to act as a night light. In the event of a power failure the light remains on and can easily be found and removed to be used as a powerful torch.

Because the torch is held in the charger it is always fully charged and ready to go - in a power failure situation or whenever you need a torch.

The new Safety Light is available with a UK type
three-pin plug and also in a two-pin plug version which makes it usable in scores of countries around the world.

Both versions will be available from mid-April.

SiteWeave have been working with Chris since the days of the original Safety Light and created the initial site in 2007 and the lastest site during the last few months.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jacobs Joinery are SiteWeave Site of the Month

SiteWeave originally wrote the Jacobs Joinery web site in May 2002 and rewrote it in October 2009 - see the SiteWeave Blog Entry for October 2009. The new web site incorporates modern coding and brought images and content up to date. Crucially, the site features many search engine optimisation techniques which have raised its profile so that it can join the long line of SiteWeave web sites of the month.

Jacobs Joinery is a go-ahead shopfitting and bespoke joinery specialist operating from Havant in Hampshire. They combine traditional craft skills and finishing standards with the latest technology in joinery production. This allows them to supply first class shopfitting and joinery at prices that are competitive for their customers.

SiteWeave have a long track record of creating and supporting web sites for small and medium size businesses in the Solent region. They would be happy to provide a quotation for a new web site, updating and enlarging a current web site or providing a search engine optimisation programme. Contact John by email or telephone 02392 753 289 for further information.