Wednesday, 23 January 2013

SiteWeave launch Hampshire Drainage Solutions web site

Hampshire Drainage Solutions pride themselves on a personal, fast and discreet cost-effective service. From a simple unblocking of a sink, toilet or drain to a complete sewer system replacement, they have a great reputation. If you haven't heard of them, then do check them out on CheckaTrade, their service is second to none.

What they do:
  •     Clear Blocked Drains, Sewers, Sinks and Toilets
  •     Use High Pressure Jetting to solve Drainage Problems efficiently
  •     Drain De-Scaling to remove years of hard build-up
  •     CCTV - check for drain problems with remote TV camera
  •     Repair and/or renew drains to current building regulations
  •     Install New Drainage Systems to both new and existing properties
  •     Construct or Repair Rain Water Soakaways
  •     Work Seven days a week - Rain or Shine
  •     Anything to do with drainage and waste water
Hampshire Drainage Solutions approaced SiteWeave for a web site and we recommended an enhanced version of our Send and Go web site - adding a couple of extra pages to the normal design.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

SiteWeave launch re-write of PCP-SCITT web site

PCP-SCITT is a rather daunting set of initials - standing for Primary Catholic Partnership School Centred Initital Teacher Training. Essentially PCP-SCITT offers post graduates with a one year course which will provide them with their PGCE - Post Graduate Certificate of Education, enabling them to teach in schoold in the UK.

SiteWeave first worked with PCP SCITT in 2002 and wrote a web a new web site for them in 2008.  This first web site was based in our Send and Go web design and has been maintained by members of staff at PCP SCITT.

The new web site is a bespoke design but will continue to be maintained by PCP SCITT.