Tuesday, 27 July 2010

SiteWeave Launch new site for Petersfield Methodist Church

The Methodist Church, in Station Road Petersfield is not only home the the Methodists of Petersfield, it also serves as a home for a range of other activities including table tennis, country dancing, Messy Church and Saturday morning coffee.

The Petersfield Methodist Church web site is the fifth one-page web site that SiteWeave have designed, created and launched this month.

If you would like a small web site then do contact John at SiteWeave or look at the One Page web sites that we have created.

Friday, 23 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new site for Brewers Roofing

Brewers Roofing is a small family run business with more than 35 years experience in the Industrial Roofing and Cladding field. Although they are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire they have completed contracts as far away and Yorkshire and overseas in the Falklands!

They undertake all aspects of Industrial Roofing and Cladding: from new steelwork frames to stripping old, existing roof coverings and cladding and replacing them with new roofs and cladding.

This web site is another SiteWeave One Page Web Site - ideal for those organisations that cannot justify the cost of a multi-page web site but still wish to have an Internet presence. Such site can be developed at some later time.

And being small does not mean that the site does not rank well with search engines - see our Blog entry Small is Beautiful where were report of the sucees of three one-page web sites.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Small is Beautiful!

July has been a busy month at SiteWeave and we launched three new, single page web sites:
A check on the Google ranking of these three sites shows that although they are small, they are working beautifully!

A2Z Removals of Portsmouth searches:
flat removals portsmouth - ranks 1
house removals havant - ranks 4

Bin It Portsmouth searches
washing machines removed portsmouth - ranks 1
garden waste disposal portsmouth - ranks 5

Blue Door Bindery searches
repairing old books hampshire - ranks 1
bookbinding hampshire - ranks 8

One of the features of a web site that can aid its high ranking is the size - generally the bigger the web site the higher ranked it is. But a small web site that is well designed, has good, appropriate content and is well optimised can - as we see from these three web sites - also rank well.

SiteWeave have been designing, building and promoting web sites for more than ten years and host more than 100 web sites, most of which we have designed. If you would like a new web site, have a web site that you'd like updated or promoted then please contact John S at SiteWeave for a discussion and estimate.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new web site for Bin It Portsmouth

If you live in the Portsmouth area and have household or garden rubbish to remove or an old washing machine, fridge or tumble drier to dispose of then you'd do well to contact Bin It.

Bin It
is a small, family run business, established in Portsmouth for more than five years. They will remove and dispose of rubbish from your home, garage or garden - and aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible.

They have a licence to dispose of rubbish in commercial dumps and will also arrange proper disposal of electrical items such as refridgerators which can be a problem for private indivuals to get rid of.

The Bin It web site is a SiteWeave one page web site, with an additional contact page. Such web sites are ideal for small companies who cannot justify the cost of a full web site but require an Internet presence. In addition to one page web sites SiteWeave provide six page Send and Go web sites and multipage bespoke web sites.

For details see the SiteWeave web site, telephone John S on 02392 753 289 or email John.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

SiteWeave launch new site for Blue Door Bindery

The Blue Door Bindery is a small workshop just outside Petersfield where Gaynor Williams works as a bookbinder: repairing, restoring and making books using traditional techniques and materials.

Using hand made paper and some unusual animal skins - including fish skin - Gaynor brings life to old books and creates wonderful new books.

The Blue Door Bindery web site is a single page web site with an additional contact page. Such site are ideal for small enterprises such as Gaynor's which want an Internet presence but cannot justify the creation of a large web site.

As an artist, Gaynor also features on SiteWeave's web site for artists: Watershed Galleries.

Whether you want a single page web site, a six page Send and Go web site or a full scale, bespoke web site contact SiteWeave - we can help design, create, host and promote your web site, whatever the size.

Monday, 5 July 2010

SiteWeave Launch new site for A2Z Removals of Portsmouth

a2z Removals are a small, family run business, established in Portsmouth for more than ten years.

They can move your furniture and belongings whether from a flat, a or one, two or three bedroom home. They can also provide boxes and a packing service.

a2z Removals are:

  • FULLY insured - high goods-in-transit insurance
  • Based in Portsmouth and willing to work throughout Hampshire and surrounding counties
  • Reliable and easy to deal with
The A2Z Removals web site is a single page web site, with an additional contact page. Such sites are ideal for small companies or for companies just starting up. These single page web sites provide an Internet presence and can be developed at a later date into a SiteWeave Send and Go web site or into a SiteWeave Bespoke web site.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Broadside Folk Club is SiteWeave Site of the Month for July

The Broadside Folk Club welcomes acoustic performers of all types and standards. We presently have unaccompanied singers, and musicians with guitars, concertinas, whistles, mandolins and more. Whether you're a seasoned preformer or just starting out you will find a welcome at the Broadside.

Our Wednesday evening starts at 8.30pm when George calls for order. The singaround passes from person to person and depending on numbers you may get perform two to three times. Of course there is no obligation to take part and you will be welcome as spectator if you prefer.

The Broadside Folk Club can be found on Page 1 of Google using five search terms:

This qualifies it to be listed as the SiteWeave web site of the month - the 30th web site to be listed since we started the "Site of the Month" page in January 2008.

If you would like to discuss optimising your web site then please see our Programmed Search Engine Optimisation programme or contact John S at SiteWeave.