Tuesday, 7 August 2012

GWS Motorsport is the SiteWeave site of the Month for August

GWS Motorsport was started in the spring of 2010 by Glenn Sherwood, Managing Director of Tructyre Fleet Management, with a road-going Lotus Exige. S2, which spent a lot of time sitting in his garage and not turning a wheel.

Glenn, with no previous racing experience apart from some rally days, took the necessary ARDS test at Goodwood for his race licence and joined Lotus on Track, employed the services of Essex Auto Sport, based in Romford, who specialise in preparing Lotus cars for racing.

Joining Glenn in the car is Jamie Stanley a professional race driver and instructor.

The five terms that were used to find the GWS Motorsport web site on Page 1 of Google were:
  • lotus exige class
  • motorsport race bulletins
  • glenn sherwood
  • lotus cup calendar
  • lotus cup calendar