Monday, 22 March 2010

SiteWeave add Google Translate to client's web sites

Google Translate is a service provided by Google which can be used to translate words, documents and even whole web sites into a variety of languages. At present his service is provided at no cost - a cost may be applied in the future.

SiteWeave have added a link to Google Translate on two of our client's web sites:

Google Tranlate can also translate PDF files stored on your web site!
Although the Google Translate service is provided at no cost, SiteWeave will make a small charge for the cost of integrating the code onto your web site and testing it. If you are interested please contact John at SiteWeave.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

SiteWeave re-create Finance Team web site

The Finance Team web site has been hosted by SiteWeave for some years but maintained by members of the Finance Team staff, using FrontPage. The FrontPage software is now getting old and is no longer supported by Microsoft so SiteWeave we asked to re-create the web site using modern coding techniques.

This we have done and the new site, boasting more graphics, slimmer coding and basic search engine optimisation is now up and running!

SiteWeave have been creating web sites, big and small, for more than ten years. If you'd like a web site, or if you have one that needs updating or promoting please contact John Studd at SiteWeave for a chat and an estimate!

Monday, 8 March 2010

SiteWeave submit another Article for Vistaplan-Arand

Vistaplan-Arand are a Powder Coating
company based in Daventry, Northampstonshire. SiteWeave wrote and now maintain and promote their web site.

Chris Shannon, General Manager of Vistaplan-Arand has written articles relating to the history and development of powder coating and SiteWeave have published these on several article publishing web sites.

Four of these articles have been published on the Ezinearticles web site:
These articles have proved to be interesting reading and also help raise the search engine ranking of the web site as, attached to each article, is information about Chris, Vistaplan-Arand and a link to the Vistaplan-Arand web site.

SiteWeave have also created links to the latest article on Twitter and Facebook. Social networks are becoming increasingly important in promoting web sites and SiteWeave are actively involved in this area.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

SiteWeave Launch Tasty Trotters web site

Tasty Trotters provide a range of mouth-watering food for a variety of functions - hog roasts, roast lamb and pork, barbeque chicken and fish - and a selection of salads and vegetarian foods.

The Tasty Trotters web site is another of our successful Send and Go web sites and shows how quickly such sites can be created and put online: Dan telephone us one lunch time and arranged to call round to the SiteWeave office that afternoon. We showed him several current Send and Go web sites and he was so impressed that he left a deposit that afternoon!

During the next two weeks Dan sent us the content for the web site and SiteWeave registered the domain name and worked on the design. Once all the content was to hand we uploaded the site and registered it with Google.

So, within two weeks on the initial telephone call the web site was up and running! Send and Go at its best!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

CJ Tools is SiteWeave site of the month for March

C J Tools supply precision engineered products, components and assemblies to many industries that demand the best in terms of quality, price and delivery.

They support their customers through sharing their expertise in design for manufacture. Manufacturing in optimal methods and employing the most suitable processes they will deliver long term sustainable products and services. CJ Tools will integrate with client designers and specifiers and continue to deliver competitive advantage through optimised designs and supply chain excellence.

The current web site is the third web site that SiteWeave have created for CJ Tools and we are pleased to say that it features on at rank 1 on page 1 of Google for five search terms - check this out on the SiteWeave web site!