Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Cellular Developments is SiteWeave Page 1 site for January

Cellular Developments Limited are a specialist manufacturer of sponge and solid rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber to metal bonded products, gaskets and specialist rubber products.

They manufacture for a wide variety of industries, including Lighting, Defence, Domestic Appliance, Electronics and Optical Engineering and Building Products.

In January they feature as SiteWeave's Number 1 site - one of SiteWeave clients web sites that can be found on page 1 of Google when searched for by five different search terms.

Covert vehicle tracking device for hire

A covert vehicle tracking device is ideal for tracking a car, trailer or other vehicle in real time, enabling you to see the exact location or places visited on a Google map, complete with road names.

This cost-effective vehicle tracker will enable you to:

  • Monitor assets such as vehicles, trailers, plant and machinery to safeguard against theft.
  • Monitor the movements of individuals for the purpose of productivity
  • Covertly monitor the locations of a person where following them simply is not cost effective or practical from a distance.
Using GPS and GPRS satellite technology you can even track your vehicle in European countries, right down to street level. The Vehicle / Trailer tracker position is shown on an interactive Google map. You can zoom out to identify the vehicle tracker's general location or zoom in to see the actual street name where the tracker device is located. After hiring your vehicle tracker, posted to you from our Hampshire office, you will receive full instructions on how to use the device.

See our
Vehicle Tracker web site for more details on how to hire and how to use our vehicle trackers.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Articles around the World

In our last posting on this Blog we reported on the usefulness of articles in promoting your web site. We mentioned that articles published on article web sites are often copied onto other web sites - in the posting we record this happening!

The Atlas Trailers web site: (www.atlastrailers.co.uk) contained an article on the benefits of buying a tipper trailer. This was published on the EzineArticle web site and subsequently was republished on a South African web site!

Article Title: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
The owner of Easy Alarms (www.easyalarms.co.uk) has published several articles about burglar alarms for the home and garden:

Article Title: Types of Alarms

Other Articles published by Easy Alarms:
Vitalyz provide training in exercises for the elderly (www.vitalyz.co.uk) and Tony Duke has written several articles, on of which has been translated into Spanish:

Article Title: Who cares for our carers?

Other Vitalyz Articles:
Four Software publish an accounts program "Cash is King" and market it through their web site (www.foursoftware.co.uk).

Article Title: The Importance of Bookkeeping in a Business

It is important to remember that these articles, published (and re-published!) on article web sites become a source of inbound links to your web site. Added to your web site they are an opportunity to increase the occurrence of your key words and phrases and can become a valuable source of useful information.

If you haven't written any articles - then we encourage you to begin; if you have written some articles we encourage you to write more!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Articles really do help your web site

As part of any Search Engine Optimisation programme SiteWeave undertake we recommend that the owners of web sites write one or more articles about their business. Articles need to be of a general nature and not mention any company or product names - these, and contact details (email address and web site address) are included in the "Resource Box" which follows the article.

SiteWeave normally suggest that articles are submitted to between three and five article publishing web sites and we will also add the articles to the client's web site.

Articles on your web site can be found by searching Google (see below) and may also be copied and displayed elsewhere on the Internet. Crucially, when article are copied the "Resource Box" is also copied and thus the client's contact details are spread even further afield.

Articles added to the client's web site provide useful, informative and authoritative content which visitors to the web site will recommend to others and also return to read themselves. Of particular use are articles that provide advice on buying or choosing a product or service.

In addition the articles provide an opportunity to add more key words, thus raising the profile of the web site.

Here are some examples taken from among SiteWeave clients (please note that these searches were undertaken in early December 2008 and will change with time):

English Fireplaces (www.englishfireplaces.co.uk)
  • Article Title: Choosing a Fireplace
  • Google Search term: fireplace advice
  • Pages Found: 850,000
  • English Fireplaces web site: Found at Position 4 on Page 1
  • Google Link: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: Choosing a Fireplace
Atlas Trailers (www.atlastrailers.co.uk)
  • Article Title: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
  • Google Search term: buying a tipper trailer
  • Pages Found: 41,200
  • Atlas Trailers web site: Found at Position 2 on Page 1
  • Google Search: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
Velux Loft Blinds (www.loftblinds.co.uk)

Easy Alarms (www.easyalarms.co.uk)
  • Article Title: Preventing Crime in the Garden
  • Google Search term: preventing garden crime
  • Pages Found: 429,000
  • Easy Alarms web site: Found at Position 4 on Page 1:
  • Google Search: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: Preventing Crime in the Garden
A couple of points to notice:
  • These articles are aimed at helping people: Choosing... Buying... Factors to consider...
  • The titles are carefully chosen to match probable search terms
Everyone has a useful body of knowledge about their product or service - it doesn't take much to write it up as an article (or two, or three...) and we ask you to seriously consider writing some articles that SiteWeave can promote.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

MouseMesh web site is Number 1 for December

The MouseMesh web site: www.mousemesh.co.uk is SiteWeave's number 1 web site for December.

Each month we feature one of our client's web site which can be found on Page 1 of Google UK using five different search terms. In fact MouseMesh have six terms, since their product - a mesh that when fixed over air bricks to prevent mice entering through the small holes in the air brick - also prevents many small insects entering. Thus the sixth search term
insects in the home also yields a Google page 1 listing.

SiteWeave have an enviable record of achievement in Search Engine Optimisation, having raised the ranking of many sites to feature on Page 1 of Google. If you would like SiteWeave to conduct a Search Engine Optimisation programme on your web site then please contact John Studd by email or telephone 02392 753 289.