Friday, 28 August 2009

SiteWeave launch Samoens Chalet web site

Samoens is in the French Alps and our client has a wonderful chalet there which sleeps up to 14 people - the chalet has five bedrooms and five bathrooms!

The surrounding area is stunningly beautiful and is worth exploring in both summer and winter - in winter there are all the facilities in the area for skiing and snow boarding.

The site contains many photographs of both the chalet and the local area and these are well displayed on the Samoen Chalet Gallery page.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

SiteWeave Launch Boot Scraper web site

Have you ever come in from the garden, or from a long walk, or a football game and found that your boots have gathered up a hefty accumulation of mud?

We've all done it!

Now SiteWeave are helping to promote a solution to this problem with the launch of the Boot Scraper web site:!

Here you can read how the idea came to its inventor and be pleased to find that it is made in England!

Finally, you can buy your very own Boot Scraper on-line and tidy up before you deposit mud all over the house!

The Boot Scraper web site is an example of SiteWeave's budget "Business Card" web sites - containing only one or two pages these sites are designed for FREE, the only cost being the hosting and provision of email facilities. Business Card web sites start from £125.00 per annum.

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