Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Cellular Developments is SiteWeave Page 1 site for January

Cellular Developments Limited are a specialist manufacturer of sponge and solid rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber to metal bonded products, gaskets and specialist rubber products.

They manufacture for a wide variety of industries, including Lighting, Defence, Domestic Appliance, Electronics and Optical Engineering and Building Products.

In January they feature as SiteWeave's Number 1 site - one of SiteWeave clients web sites that can be found on page 1 of Google when searched for by five different search terms.

Covert vehicle tracking device for hire

A covert vehicle tracking device is ideal for tracking a car, trailer or other vehicle in real time, enabling you to see the exact location or places visited on a Google map, complete with road names.

This cost-effective vehicle tracker will enable you to:

  • Monitor assets such as vehicles, trailers, plant and machinery to safeguard against theft.
  • Monitor the movements of individuals for the purpose of productivity
  • Covertly monitor the locations of a person where following them simply is not cost effective or practical from a distance.
Using GPS and GPRS satellite technology you can even track your vehicle in European countries, right down to street level. The Vehicle / Trailer tracker position is shown on an interactive Google map. You can zoom out to identify the vehicle tracker's general location or zoom in to see the actual street name where the tracker device is located. After hiring your vehicle tracker, posted to you from our Hampshire office, you will receive full instructions on how to use the device.

See our
Vehicle Tracker web site for more details on how to hire and how to use our vehicle trackers.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Articles around the World

In our last posting on this Blog we reported on the usefulness of articles in promoting your web site. We mentioned that articles published on article web sites are often copied onto other web sites - in the posting we record this happening!

The Atlas Trailers web site: (www.atlastrailers.co.uk) contained an article on the benefits of buying a tipper trailer. This was published on the EzineArticle web site and subsequently was republished on a South African web site!

Article Title: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
The owner of Easy Alarms (www.easyalarms.co.uk) has published several articles about burglar alarms for the home and garden:

Article Title: Types of Alarms

Other Articles published by Easy Alarms:
Vitalyz provide training in exercises for the elderly (www.vitalyz.co.uk) and Tony Duke has written several articles, on of which has been translated into Spanish:

Article Title: Who cares for our carers?

Other Vitalyz Articles:
Four Software publish an accounts program "Cash is King" and market it through their web site (www.foursoftware.co.uk).

Article Title: The Importance of Bookkeeping in a Business

It is important to remember that these articles, published (and re-published!) on article web sites become a source of inbound links to your web site. Added to your web site they are an opportunity to increase the occurrence of your key words and phrases and can become a valuable source of useful information.

If you haven't written any articles - then we encourage you to begin; if you have written some articles we encourage you to write more!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Articles really do help your web site

As part of any Search Engine Optimisation programme SiteWeave undertake we recommend that the owners of web sites write one or more articles about their business. Articles need to be of a general nature and not mention any company or product names - these, and contact details (email address and web site address) are included in the "Resource Box" which follows the article.

SiteWeave normally suggest that articles are submitted to between three and five article publishing web sites and we will also add the articles to the client's web site.

Articles on your web site can be found by searching Google (see below) and may also be copied and displayed elsewhere on the Internet. Crucially, when article are copied the "Resource Box" is also copied and thus the client's contact details are spread even further afield.

Articles added to the client's web site provide useful, informative and authoritative content which visitors to the web site will recommend to others and also return to read themselves. Of particular use are articles that provide advice on buying or choosing a product or service.

In addition the articles provide an opportunity to add more key words, thus raising the profile of the web site.

Here are some examples taken from among SiteWeave clients (please note that these searches were undertaken in early December 2008 and will change with time):

English Fireplaces (www.englishfireplaces.co.uk)
  • Article Title: Choosing a Fireplace
  • Google Search term: fireplace advice
  • Pages Found: 850,000
  • English Fireplaces web site: Found at Position 4 on Page 1
  • Google Link: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: Choosing a Fireplace
Atlas Trailers (www.atlastrailers.co.uk)
  • Article Title: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
  • Google Search term: buying a tipper trailer
  • Pages Found: 41,200
  • Atlas Trailers web site: Found at Position 2 on Page 1
  • Google Search: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer
Velux Loft Blinds (www.loftblinds.co.uk)

Easy Alarms (www.easyalarms.co.uk)
  • Article Title: Preventing Crime in the Garden
  • Google Search term: preventing garden crime
  • Pages Found: 429,000
  • Easy Alarms web site: Found at Position 4 on Page 1:
  • Google Search: Click Here
  • Read the Article on the web site: Preventing Crime in the Garden
A couple of points to notice:
  • These articles are aimed at helping people: Choosing... Buying... Factors to consider...
  • The titles are carefully chosen to match probable search terms
Everyone has a useful body of knowledge about their product or service - it doesn't take much to write it up as an article (or two, or three...) and we ask you to seriously consider writing some articles that SiteWeave can promote.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

MouseMesh web site is Number 1 for December

The MouseMesh web site: www.mousemesh.co.uk is SiteWeave's number 1 web site for December.

Each month we feature one of our client's web site which can be found on Page 1 of Google UK using five different search terms. In fact MouseMesh have six terms, since their product - a mesh that when fixed over air bricks to prevent mice entering through the small holes in the air brick - also prevents many small insects entering. Thus the sixth search term
insects in the home also yields a Google page 1 listing.

SiteWeave have an enviable record of achievement in Search Engine Optimisation, having raised the ranking of many sites to feature on Page 1 of Google. If you would like SiteWeave to conduct a Search Engine Optimisation programme on your web site then please contact John Studd by email or telephone 02392 753 289.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vitalyz feature in the Portsmouth Evening News

Tony and Zoe Duke's company Vitalyz, featured in the Portsmouth Evening News Business Jury on Tuesday 25 November.

Vitalyz provide a training programme so that carers can go into Care Homes and help people take part in seated exercises. Vitalyz provide the UK's only level one, one-day training course and the company is approved by BUPA to supply training and equipment to their 304 Care Homes.

Some of the Business Jury comments:

Paul Goehlet, managing director of Mercator Cargo Systems said" Vitalyz looks like a fantastic business ... a cracking example of a niche business"

Caroline Collings, chairman of the south-east branch of the Federation of Small Businesses said " I like the interactive web communication with prizes, an online shop and up-to-date testimonials"

Lizz Clarke, managing director of LCM Limited said "Great work. Healthcare, and particularly care of the elderly is growing. As you have already proved with your work with BUPA and others, what you have developed is exacly what the market needs."

Vitalyz featured in The Portsmouth Evening News in July 2007 and February 2008

The Vitalyz web site - www.vitalyz.co.uk - was created by SiteWeave (www.siteweave.net) and is updated by Zoe.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rediweld install BusPad across the UK

Since launching the revised BusPad in April this year, Rediweld has been working hard to promote this new version. Successful installations have taken place all over the UK including Reading, Dorset, Boston, Conwy, Worcester, Derby with many more locations still waiting to be installed. The BusPad was recently installed at a location in Derby where they wanted to achieve a temporary raised area for their Park & Ride scheme. The BusPad was installed within 45 minutes and was immediately used upon completion.

Bournemouth Borough Council needed a solution to raise the kerb height for the bus users at Boscombe bus station but did not want to replace their existing bus shelters. As a solution we were able to install the BusPad within the shelters offering the additional raised area required with minimum disruption to the users and public. Boscombe now has four BusPads located within the bus station. After this successful installation we can now offer the BusPad as a bespoke service for bus shelters and standard solutions.

BusPad is proving to be a practical low cost alternative to Kassel kerbs. It can be supplied in different sizes to suit each location. The greatest benefit is the speed of installation and minimised disruption. Features of the revised design include a fine leading edge on the ramps and corners, this eliminates any trip hazard. The unique fixing system secures BusPad to most surfaces and uses a new anchor block made from supertough nylon. By moulding the anchor blocks in white they are used to highlight the flat top area on the raised platform.

BusPad is 65mm high and so raises a normal pavement to typically 170 - 190mm above the road.

The Rediweld web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Stroke Survivor's Web Site is November's Number 1 Site

SiteWeave's Number 1 web site for November is Different Strokes Portsmouth - a web site which provides help, support and encouragement to stroke survivors, their friends and relatives.

Included on the web site are interviews with stroke survivors and details of the activities of the group. One of the instructors who help members of the group is Tony Duke of Vitalyz, whose web site www.vitalyz.co.uk is another web site created and maintained by SiteWeave.

SiteWeave wrote the site and it is now maintained by Doug Laybourne - himself a stroke survivor.

Click on the link if you would like to contact Different Strokes Portsmouth.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

MouseMesh now sold in Euros

MouseMesh is a metal mesh that can be fitted over air bricks - the small mesh size ensures that mice can no longer enter your premises through an air brick. The mesh size is so small - 2mm by 2mm - that many small insect pests are also barred from entry!

MouseMesh is available in three sizes which can be purchased from the MouseMesh web site - and you can also buy an adhesive which is recommended for use in fixing the mesh to a wall if you don't wish to use screws.

SiteWeave Internet Services LLP wrote the MouseMesh web site some time ago and have seen a steady increase in the number of visits to the site, and MouseMesh have seen a steady increase in sales to clients in the UK.

Encouraged by enquiries from Europe, Tony Carr of MouseMesh requested SiteWeave to create pages and a PayPal shopping basket so that MouseMesh can be bought in Euros. These pages and shopping basket were launched today.

Atlas Trailers feature in Land Rover Monthly

Atlas Trailers, who sell Atlas trailers and hire Atlas trailers, feature in the December edition of The Land Rover Magazine. Lindsay Porter who wrote the article recently chose an Atlas Trailer.

Lindsay points out that being able to hire the trailer that you are interested in is a good move as you can try it out under real world conditions before you buy. Atlas Trailers have a extensive trailer hire arm to their business and this has proved a real advantage in promoting the now well regarded Atlas Tipping Trailer.

Lindsay outlines some of the pitfalls in buying a trailer, especially cheap imported American boat trailers and goes on to discuss buying livestock trailers, horseboxes, boat trailers and tipping trailers.

Also discussed in the article is 'Using the Atlas Trailer'. Lindsay writes: "Clive Ballard, the man behind Atlas Trailers, demonstrates the Atlas Tipper's versatility. A single spanner is used to loosen or tighten each pinch bolt holding each upright in place ..."

The article also includes a very useful check list on buying a second hand trailer, offering 15 areas to check before making a decision. Legal requirements are covered, both for towing a trailer and for the construction of the trailer itself.

Our thanks go to Land Rover Monthly and Lindsay Porter for allowing us to reproduce parts of their article on choosing a trailer.

SiteWeave Internet Services LLP wrote both Atlas Trailer web sites and are delighted with the additional publicity provided by this prestigious magazine.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Cash is King: a Search Engine Optimisation Success Story

SiteWeave were asked by Alan Butler of Four Software to undertake a programme of search engine optimisation (SEO) work on his web site : www.foursoftware.co.uk from which visitors may purchase their bookkeeping program Cash is King.

One of the key phrases Alan wanted to promote was bookkeeping software, but a search of the Internet revealed that there were three different ways of spelling bookkeeping:
  • bookkeeping
  • book keeping
  • bookeeping
It was also apparent that people were searching for all three spellings since Google yielded the following number of pages when searched on these three terms on the 24 October 2008:
  • bookkeeping software ....... 39,400
  • book keeping software .... 226,000
  • bookeeping software ....... 251,000

SiteWeave conducted a search engine optimisation programme using all three terms, with great success as the following figures show:

Numbers in red are on Page 1 of Google - SiteWeave's target!

The optimisation of this web site is just one of many examples of SEO work undertaken by SiteWeave - you can see more by visiting the SiteWeave Search Engine Optimisation page on the SiteWeave web site. This page features SiteWeave clients's web sites that can be found on Page 1 of Google using five different search terms.

If you would like SiteWeave to conduct search a engine optimisation programme on your web site please email John Studd at SiteWeave or ring 02392 753 289.

Friday, 17 October 2008

SiteWeave Launch Safe Hands web site

Safe Hands Courier Service specialises in the transportation of valuable and delicate items within the UK. From antiques and jewellery to specialist IT equipment, Safe Hands will apply its specialist handling skills to your precious items. Call Derek Judge today on 07511 955 011 for a quotation or send an email to: enquiries@safe-hands-antiques.co.uk.

Items couriered via Safe Hands specialist transportation service include:

  • Long case clocks
  • Barometers
  • Painting and Sculture
  • Valuable furniture
  • Antiques and auction items
  • Valuable IT equipment
The Safe Hands web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP based in Portsmouth

SiteWeave Launch Re-Write of Precision Shredding Web Site

Premier Shredding, whose head office is in Southampton, asked SiteWeave to undertake some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work on their web site. After taking a detailed look at the web site SiteWeave considered that a re-write of the site, incorporating an SEO programme would be the most effecient way to procede.

The new web site is based on the old web site and the SiteWeave Send and Go design and was launched on Wednesday 15 October.

Premier Shredding are the South’s leaders in confidential waste destruction and disposal. They are dedicated to providing businesses with a high quality and flexible service, helping them to securely dispose of confidential documents and other sensitive materials. Confidential waste disposal is their business, they do nothing else.

Premier Shredding shred and dispose of the following:
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Uniforms
  • IT Storage Media
  • IT Equipment
Contact Premier Shredding

Telephone: 0845 601 0551
Email: hocontact@premier-shredding.co.uk
Web Site: www.premier-shredding.co.uk

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tructyre is SiteWeave's Google Page 1 site for October

From a basic 24 hour tyre breakdown callout service to a fully maintained tyre mileage contract, Tructyre has the solution for your haulage or passenger service that will save your business money.

In addition to providing a great business opportunity, the Tructyre web site also offers pages of useful information about tyres - see the following pages:
The Tructyre web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP of Portsmouth, Hampshire

Solent Fishing Charters is Google Page 1 Site for September

Solent Fishing Charters organises fishing trips for groups and individuals around the Solent area. Skipper Steve Southern has been fishing the Solent for the past 20 years. What started as a hobby, four boats later turned into a business with the purchase of Crusader II. He has a full skippers license and first aid qualifications. His knowledge of the local area is extensive and he aims to give all clients a fun and fulfilling day out whatever their requirements.

Steve's boat, Crusader II, is a Lochin 33, powered by 310hp Cummins Turbo Diesel. The Crusader II is able to get quickly to all the great fishing grounds around the Solent area. Fitted out with the latest fish finding electronic equipment the boat also has all the necessary safety equipment including life jackets and an inflatable life raft. The boat is licensed to carry 10 passengers and 2 crew.

The Solent Fishing Charters web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services, Hampshire

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Solent Fishing Charters web site is September's Google Number 1 Site

Solent Fishing Charter's web site is SiteWeave's Page 1 web site for September - the SiteWeave web site displays five Page 1 links to this web site when searched for using Google.

Solent Fishing Charters
operate a Lochin 33 - Crusader II - which is powered by 310hp Cummins Turbo Diesel. It is able to get quickly to all the great fishing grounds around the Solent area. Fitted out with the latest fish finding electronic equipment the boat also has all the necessary safety equipment including life jackets and an inflatable life raft. The boat is licensed to carry ten passengers and two crew.

Each month SiteWeave feature one of their web site that can be found on Page 1 of Google for at least five search terms. The position of the site is a combination of design, content and search engine optimisation. If you'd like to find out more, for example, how SiteWeave can optimise your web site please contact John Studd at SiteWeave.

SiteWeave launch Sub Surface Engineering web site

Sub-Surface Engineering is an underwater and maritime engineering company. Unlike many diving companies who offer survey and inspection work, Sub Surface specialises in underwater engineering and construction projects requiring diverse skills and expertise. From underwater construction to sea defense and dock and caison work, Sub Surface staff have the experience, skills and enthusiasm to deliver on time and on budget.

The site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP, Hampshire.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Tag Sports are Google Page 1 Site for August

August sees Tag Sports as the SiteWeave Google Page 1 site of the month.

Tag Sports use their long experience in badminton, badminton equipment and racquet re-stringing, to bring you the best at prices you can afford. They will be pleased to share their knowledge with you if you need help choosing the right racquet, the correct string tension for your style of play or any other aspect of playing badminton and deciding on equipment.

Each month SiteWeave features on of its sites that can be found on Page 1 of Google UK when searched for using five different words or phrases. If you would like SiteWeave to take a look at your site and provide an assessment of its potential as a Page 1 site then please contact John.S@SiteWeave.net or telephone 02392 753 289.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Who do you trust?

In an interesting piece of research by YouGov of more than two thousand internet users it was found that a British user is six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine.

62% believe a .uk suggests a company is local or more relevant than a .com with 72% saying they would visit a .uk address first while only 5% said they would try a .com site first.

A third (32%) of people believe that it is important for international companies to have local domain names in order to attract local customers.

At SiteWeave we recommend that clients register .co.uk or .org.uk domain names as their primary domain, with a .com registration to prevent anyone else from exploiting the success of the domain name at some future time.

Source: Kingsmead Interactive

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Writing Articles to Promote Your Web Site - Article 1: Why you should do it

There are many ways to promote you web site in order to enhance its search engine ranking; among these one of the most effective is writing and publishing articles.

Article can be published in two ways:
  • Added to your web site
  • Published on the Internet using one or more well established article publication web sites.
Sometimes you will add the articles to your web site and publish them on the Internet; sometimes you’ll only publish them on the Internet. Sometimes you’ll place exactly the same article on the web site and Internet; sometimes you’ll make subtle changes – it’s up to you.

On your web site, articles provide more content (which Google likes) which contain key words (which search engines will find). They can also provide useful information that visitors will return to read, and may recommend to their friends – your site can become an authority on topics closely related to the services you provide and/or the products you sell.

Published on article web sites, your articles will provide emails links to your company and links to your web site.

Articles can provide a win-win situation.

When we suggest writing articles most people tell us:

I don’t know what to write about!

But you do! You almost certainly take for granted the knowledge you have relating to your business/industry.
  • Do you know what powder coating involves, how it’s done or how it evolved?
  • Do you know more about how to keep tropical fish than your neighbour – or how to decide which size tank to use, how to filter the water and what lights to use?
  • Do you know how badminton racquets are made and restrung; do you know what it’s like to work behind the scenes at the
  • Olympics?
  • Do you know what CNC stands for – and means? What is a demand valve? What do heat exchangers exchange?
  • What is Organisational Consultancy, what are NVQs and how does my organisation become Investors in People?
These – and may other questions – can be answered by one or more of our clients: YOU! You have the knowledge and if you areprepared to invest the time and effort you can write not one, but whole series of articles that can be added to your web site and/or publish on the Internet.

What are you waiting for - get writing! But see article two first!

Hampshire Lawyer's web site is SiteWeave Page 1 for July

The web site for the Hampshire Law Society (www.hampshirelawsociety.co.uk) web site is SiteWeave's Page 1 web site for July.

Each month SiteWeave features one of their web sites that yields a Google Page 1 ranking when searched for using five words or phrases.

The Hampshire Law Society website is a forum for Hampshire solicitors. They campaign, train and provide social events for their members. They also assist members of the public in obtaining legal advice in many different areas and it is easy to search the site in order to find a solicitor in your local area or a solicitor who specialises in the area of law in which you need help and advice.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Different Strokes and Portsmouth Monopoly Board

Different Strokes Portsmouth has been successful in reaching the last 16 charities nominated for a coveted square on the Portsmouth edition of the famous Monopoly Game which is due out in October 2008.

All the superb charities that have been shortlisted all deserve a place on this board but naturally we would like it to be Different Strokes to raise more awareness and support for the work our charity does. It's such a shame there is only one space available.

Thank you and please tell any friends you feel may be moved to register their votes. Voting closes on Monday 30 June at Midday.

To nominate your favourite charity to be placed on the Community Chest space of the Monopoly: Portsmouth Edition board, submit your suggestions by Midday, Monday, June 23.

Please have a look at our website www.different-strokes-portsmouth.org.uk and if you feel that we deserve to be selected will you kindly take the time to register your vote by emailing Carla Payne at the Evening News: carla.payne@thenews.co.uk.

Please include your choice of organisation, name, telephone number, the reason why you have voted for your choice and your relationship to the charity.

The Different Strokes Portsmouth web site was created by SiteWeave, Web Design for Hampshire

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Writing Articles to Promote Your Web Site - Article 2: How to do it

Your articles should be written in a general way - don't directly promote your product or service in the body of the article, you can add contact details in the article Resource Box (see below). Make the article a useful, informative piece of text - if you provide enough authoritive content then the articles on your web site will make your web site a source of reliable, useful information that people will recommend to their friends and thus increase the number of visits to your site.

The structure of any article written for your own web site is up to you, but be sure to include your key words and phrases - without over-doing it! On your own web site you can openly promote your products and services.

And talking of your web site - take a careful look at it - are there pages on your web site that, with a bit of tweaking, could be made into articles? This may also apply to PDFs that you make available from your web site - don't overlook your current assets!

When writing for publication on article web site you need to create or supply the following components, though not all article web sites will employ them:

  • A title for your web site: make it short, snappy and attractive!
  • A list of key words and phrases that relate to the article only, nit to your whole web site
  • A brief summary of the article: a couple of sentances will be enough and try not to just copy out the first paragraph!
  • The article: aim for at least 250 words, though some article web sites require at least 500 words. The maximum length is usually 2000 words, but if you've written that many words you should consider splitting the article into two or more articles!
  • A Resource Box: this should contain a brief biography of the author - a couple of sentances is enough - and contact details: your web site address and an email address. These will normally be "live" links to your site
  • A photograph: not compulsory, but it's nice for readers to see the person who wrote the site and it makes the article more human.

When you've done all that check it very carefully then submit it to your chosen article web site or get your webmaster to do it for you, making sure that you are acknowledged as the author, and get them to add it to your web site too.

What are you waiting for - get writing!

If you'd like help with writing and publishing articles contact John S at SiteWeave

Examples of Articles on SiteWeave Clients' Web Sites

Below we list:
  1. The name of one of our clients
  2. Their web site address
  3. The title of the article
  4. The page on their web site that displays an article
  5. The same article as displayed on an article publishing web site
  6. Notes about the article

  1. 1. Atlas Trailers: Sell and hire trailers
  2. Web Site: www.atlastrailers.co.uk
  3. Article Title: "The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer"
  4. The article on the Web Site: http://www.atlastrailers.co.uk/tipper_trailer_articles.asp
  5. The article on Ezine Articles web site
  1. 1. Vistaplan-Arand: Powder coating
  2. Web Site: www.vistaplan-arand.com
  3. Article Title: "Powder Coating: Its Early Development and Its Relationship With the Environment"
  4. The article on the Web Site: http://www.vistaplan-arand.co.uk/articles-history_powder_coating.asp
  5. The article on Article Base web site
  6. The article on another web site

  1. Easy Alarms: Burglar Alarms
  2. Web Site: www.easyalarms.co.uk
  3. Article Title: "Burglar Alarm Myths?"
  4. The article on the Web Site: http://www.easyalarms.co.uk/article-burglar_alarms_myths.asp
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site
  6. Article displayed on another web site

  1. J Casey: Provide Confidential and Free Debt Advice
  2. Web Site: www.jcasey.com
  3. Article Title: "Debt Managment Plans (DMP)"
  4. The article on the Web Site: The article was created from the text displayed on an existing page of the web site
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site

  1. Loft Blinds: Supply Velux Blinds
  2. Web Site: www.loftblinds.co.uk
  3. Article Title: "Factors to consider when choosing Velux blinds"
  4. The article on the Web Site: http://www.loftblinds.co.uk/articles06-choosing-velux-blinds.asp
  5. The article on the Article Blast web site

  1. Vitalyz: Enable physical activity to be introduced safely and effectively to people with a variety of medical and physical conditions
  2. Web Site: www.vitalyz.co.uk
  3. The article on the Web Site: http://www.vitalyz.co.uk/articles-senior_exercise.asp
  4. Article Title: "Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors"
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site
  6. Note: all of Tony's articles display a picture of Tony!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Stroke Survivor's Web Site Goes from Strength to Strength

The Different Strokes Portsmouth web site (www.different-strokes-portsmouth.org.uk) was written by SiteWeave in December 2007; they then handed over the updating of the site to members of the group.

Current web master, Doug Laybourne, has been adding more Personal Stories to the web site and it now features the biographies of seven stroke survivors.

The web site provides useful links for stroke survivors, their friends and families and keep everyone up to date with what's going on.

SiteWeave Host Cellular Developments Web Site

Cellular Developments Limited are a specialist manufacturer of sponge and solid rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber to metal bonded products, gaskets and specialist rubber products.

SiteWeave were approached by Cellular Products Limited (based in Nyewood, near Petersfield) and asked to take over the hosting of their web site and also undertake some search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

The site was uploaded this week and the SEO work is underway!

SiteWeave Launch New Send and Go Web Site

Innova Design & Build are specialists in CAD/CAM (Computer Aid Design/Computer Aid Manufacture). They also provide prototype and small batch machining.

They are located in Hampshire and supply customers throughout the UK. Innova can supply you with machined parts from single prototypes to medium volume production using materials ranging from aluminum and plastics to stainless steel and titanium.

This is the latest of a series of Send and Go web sites created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Vitalyz is the Google Number 1 web site for June

Vitalyz firmly believe the introduction of physical activity into everyone's daily routine provides a range of mental and physical benefits and this is especially true for the less able and/or elderly whether living in residential care or at home.

Activity provision is vital for everyone, no matter what their abilities. This is especially true in the Health and Social Care sector where there are no barriers, just some interesting challenges for us to overcome!.

Tony Duke (MIHPE) Vitalyz trainer & consultant in physical activities

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Vistaplan Charity Cycle Ride

The Vistaplan charity cycle ride takes place on Saturday 10 May when a group cycle from Hinckley to Skegness – a distance of 100 miles!

Last year they raised over £30,000 for cancer research, this years target is a more modest £3,000.

This years ride has been set up to raise sponsorship for the DLRAA. This is the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland arm of the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. The air ambulance team provides a vital role in offering emergency medical services at the scene of accidents and en-route to hospital resulting in many more lives being saved. For further information about what the air ambulance is about then please visit their website by clicking here.

Pictured above is Chris Shannon, General Manager of Vistaplan, on a training session. Click on a link to find out more about Vistaplan, Vistaplan-Arand (Powder Coating) and Rediweld.

News item posted by SiteWeave - Web Design, Hosting and Promotion in Hampshire

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Mapledean Developments feature as May's Google Page 1 Site

Mapledean's web site features as SiteWeave's Google Page 1 site for May. We list five phrases which, when entered into Google UK yield a Page 1 listing.

Mapledean builds
houses and flats and apartments across southern Hampshire with a focus on new residential developments in the beautiful Meon Valley.

They bring the personal touch to the
home buying experience. Their primary aim is: "To excel in the area of customer relations at all stages of a project from initial enquiry to well after completion. Our driving force will be the continuing quest to enhance our reputation by always remembering that our customer is the most important reason for doing the job."

Visit the Mapledean web site -
www.mapledean.co.uk - for more details.

Friday, 18 April 2008

SiteWeave Offer Captcha Code

Unwanted emails make up to 90% of all emails sent and we have become familiar with software that filters such emails out either before or after they arrive at our computer.

But those who send unsolicited emails have now added another method of sending spam - via the forms that many clients have on their web sites. Junk emails are now arriving from these forms so SiteWeave are now offering to install Captcha Code on their clients' web sites.

The code generates four random numbers which must then be entered into a box on the form; only when these numbers have been correctly entered is the email actually sent.Captcha code from SiteWeave Internet Services LLP

The random numbers are presented as an image, which cannot be read by spamming software, so only entries made by real people are accepted.

If you would like the code to be added to a form on your web site the cost of £40.00 - if you have more than one form then each additional form can be protected for £25.00. Contact John at SiteWeave for further details.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April's Google Page 1 web site from SiteWeave

This month's featured Google Page 1 web site is Emsworth Fireplaces.

Emsworth Fireplaces
was established in 1934 and makes a wide range of fireplaces for both distribution to retail outlets and for sale to the public from their showroom in Emsworth.

Fireplaces are made in wood, marble and stone and in traditional and contemporary styles. Also available are "Hole in the Wall" fireplaces and solid fuel stoves.

In addition to fireplaces, they supply a range of fireplace accessories: grates, baskets, inserts and companion sets.

Friday, 29 February 2008

We have add another "Google Page 1" Web Site

We have added another "Google Page 1" site to the SiteWeave web site. Each month we feature one of our client's web site that is found on the coveted Page 1 of Google when five appropriate search terms and entered into Google.

This month's featured web site is Rediweld

Rediweld is the manufacturer of the Traficop range of Traffic Calming and Site Safety Products including speed cushions and sleeping policemen. They are also specialists in plastic and rubber moulding services and offer a unique combination of manufacturing processes and technical expertise. Their skills are based on compression rubber moulding and plastic injection moulding.

Friday, 15 February 2008

SiteWeave launch Pure Domestic Bliss web site

SiteWeave created and launched another new Send and Go web site this week.

Pure Domestic Bliss can arrange for all domestic duties to be taken care of including grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, menu planning, entertaining, ironing, window cleaning, tradesmen, interior design, chimney sweeping, French polishing, window cleaning, de-clutter, gardening services, moving home, home security, setting up of domestic process plans, home sitting, project management of building/repair works, organise car repairs, mots, car tax, insurance quotes, home administration and any other requirements you may have.

In addition, their leisure, entertainment and wellbeing services has access to some of the best restaurant, clubs, theatres, cinemas, alternative comedy venues, play areas, places of worship, boutiques, hairdressers, masseuse, personal trainers, golf clubs, racing tracks, podiatrists, beauticians and cosmetic dentists in the area. Their approved supplier list is extensive and covers all tastes and expectations.

Contact Pure Domestic Bliss: enquiries@puredomesticbliss.co.uk

Friday, 1 February 2008

Atlas Trailers are now available from stockists across the country

Atlas Trailers are now available from the following stockists:

Graham Edward Trailers of York 01759 370362

Duchy Trailers of Par, Cornwall 01726 816816

Trailers and Components Ltd of Craven Arms, Shropshire 01588 673345

and of course from:

Atlas Trailers
Total Logistics Building
Fulflood Road

Leigh Park




023 9245 2989


The Atlas Trailers web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

SiteWeave launch Burnt Tree Developments web site

Burnt Tree Developments offer a draughting service for architects, engineers and businesses. They work from draught or outline proposal to finished documents, offering a comprehensive computer aided design (CAD) draughting service for individuals and businesses alike. At this stage in their business plan Burnt Tree Developments only required a small Internet presence and opted for SiteWeave's three page starter web site - at only £125.00 for design, hosting and email support a definite bargain!

This design is just one of the web site options available from
SiteWeave - for more details visit the SiteWeave web site or telephone John on 023 9275 3289. You can also email John: John.S@SiteWeave.net

Friday, 11 January 2008

SiteWeave update TS Tyre Repairs web site

TS Tyre Repairs have moved their operation to Stubbington and have chosen this time to request SiteWeave to update their web site.

Offering tyre repairs to a wide range of vehicles, the family firm serve the whole of the South of England. Visit the TS Tyre Repairs web site for details and a location map.

SiteWeave and Google Page 1

SiteWeave have added a new page to their web site that displays clients' web sites that are found on page 1 of Google when searched for using relevant search words or phrases.

The first site to feature is
Designs Alike, further sites will be added month by month.

SiteWeave realise that it is not enough to design an attractive and well functioning web site - it has to be found when people use search engines, and particularly Google, to find the product or service they require.

We build in to all our web site the basic features that make them highly visible to search engines and offer an additional package of measures which further enhance their ranking - if you are interested please feel free to contact us to discuss the further optimisation of your web site.