Wednesday, 14 February 2007

SiteWeave launch Safe-T-Light web site

Safe-T-Light is a unique nightlight which has several features:

It is a safety light which you can plug into any socket, ideally in the hallway or stairs to provide a nightlight, lighting the stairs and hallsway throughout the night.
Plastic, stick-on filters are provided so that you can "tone-down" the light if required.

It will switch on automatically when darkness falls and switch off when daylight returns - or when you switch the lights on. It is so designed that you can plug another device into the socket built into the Safe-T-Light, thus you do not lose access to a socket.

The light unit is detachable, thus doubling up as a rechargable torch - if you need a torch at night you can readily find the Safe-T-Light and simply remove the light unit and use it as a torch. Once fully charged the battery will operate for up to ten hours. If there is a power failure at night the Safe-T-Light will, because of its internal rechargeable battery, remain alight for up to ten hours.

The Safe-T-Light is a British invention, click on the link to the BBC web site to see a video of its inventor, Chris Haines, talking about the safety light. Click the link to find out more about the Safe-T-Light and to purchase a Safe-T-Light - £22.99 including VAT and post and packaging visit

The Safe-T-Light and SiteWeave featured in an article in the Portsmouth Evening News in September 2007.

Monday, 5 February 2007

SiteWeave launch the Atlas Trailers web site

Atlas Trailers offer trailers with a galvanised body and frame manufactured to BSEN ISO 1461 1991 standard and a range of additional extras which allow you to create several configurations - and all at a price well below those of other manufacturers.

For full details, pricing or to request a call, visit the Atlas Trailer web site at