Friday, 18 April 2008

SiteWeave Offer Captcha Code

Unwanted emails make up to 90% of all emails sent and we have become familiar with software that filters such emails out either before or after they arrive at our computer.

But those who send unsolicited emails have now added another method of sending spam - via the forms that many clients have on their web sites. Junk emails are now arriving from these forms so SiteWeave are now offering to install Captcha Code on their clients' web sites.

The code generates four random numbers which must then be entered into a box on the form; only when these numbers have been correctly entered is the email actually sent.Captcha code from SiteWeave Internet Services LLP

The random numbers are presented as an image, which cannot be read by spamming software, so only entries made by real people are accepted.

If you would like the code to be added to a form on your web site the cost of £40.00 - if you have more than one form then each additional form can be protected for £25.00. Contact John at SiteWeave for further details.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April's Google Page 1 web site from SiteWeave

This month's featured Google Page 1 web site is Emsworth Fireplaces.

Emsworth Fireplaces
was established in 1934 and makes a wide range of fireplaces for both distribution to retail outlets and for sale to the public from their showroom in Emsworth.

Fireplaces are made in wood, marble and stone and in traditional and contemporary styles. Also available are "Hole in the Wall" fireplaces and solid fuel stoves.

In addition to fireplaces, they supply a range of fireplace accessories: grates, baskets, inserts and companion sets.