Thursday, 14 February 2013

Safe T Light Testimonial

It's always good to receive a positive comment from those who buy our products or use our serivices, so when we received the following testimonial for Safety T Light we asked permission from the author to us it so that we could share it:

Just a thank you for the excellent service and great little product. I recently purhased a number of Safe T Lights for both my own house and my elderly mother's. The day after I fitted them my mother's house was subject to an 11 hour power cut which although only affecting about 30 houses could have been very serious and distressing for an 87 year old lady living on her own.

In my view your emergency lights have paid for themselves in their first day of operation. We have put four lights in each house at strategic points and feel a lot more secure already. Also I travel a lot so will include one in my travel kit. They have a lot of additional uses. Well done and I can strongly recommend them. Very few people don't need at least one!!

Trevor, Southampton (email February 2013)