Sunday, 29 June 2008

Different Strokes and Portsmouth Monopoly Board

Different Strokes Portsmouth has been successful in reaching the last 16 charities nominated for a coveted square on the Portsmouth edition of the famous Monopoly Game which is due out in October 2008.

All the superb charities that have been shortlisted all deserve a place on this board but naturally we would like it to be Different Strokes to raise more awareness and support for the work our charity does. It's such a shame there is only one space available.

Thank you and please tell any friends you feel may be moved to register their votes. Voting closes on Monday 30 June at Midday.

To nominate your favourite charity to be placed on the Community Chest space of the Monopoly: Portsmouth Edition board, submit your suggestions by Midday, Monday, June 23.

Please have a look at our website and if you feel that we deserve to be selected will you kindly take the time to register your vote by emailing Carla Payne at the Evening News:

Please include your choice of organisation, name, telephone number, the reason why you have voted for your choice and your relationship to the charity.

The Different Strokes Portsmouth web site was created by SiteWeave, Web Design for Hampshire

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Writing Articles to Promote Your Web Site - Article 2: How to do it

Your articles should be written in a general way - don't directly promote your product or service in the body of the article, you can add contact details in the article Resource Box (see below). Make the article a useful, informative piece of text - if you provide enough authoritive content then the articles on your web site will make your web site a source of reliable, useful information that people will recommend to their friends and thus increase the number of visits to your site.

The structure of any article written for your own web site is up to you, but be sure to include your key words and phrases - without over-doing it! On your own web site you can openly promote your products and services.

And talking of your web site - take a careful look at it - are there pages on your web site that, with a bit of tweaking, could be made into articles? This may also apply to PDFs that you make available from your web site - don't overlook your current assets!

When writing for publication on article web site you need to create or supply the following components, though not all article web sites will employ them:

  • A title for your web site: make it short, snappy and attractive!
  • A list of key words and phrases that relate to the article only, nit to your whole web site
  • A brief summary of the article: a couple of sentances will be enough and try not to just copy out the first paragraph!
  • The article: aim for at least 250 words, though some article web sites require at least 500 words. The maximum length is usually 2000 words, but if you've written that many words you should consider splitting the article into two or more articles!
  • A Resource Box: this should contain a brief biography of the author - a couple of sentances is enough - and contact details: your web site address and an email address. These will normally be "live" links to your site
  • A photograph: not compulsory, but it's nice for readers to see the person who wrote the site and it makes the article more human.

When you've done all that check it very carefully then submit it to your chosen article web site or get your webmaster to do it for you, making sure that you are acknowledged as the author, and get them to add it to your web site too.

What are you waiting for - get writing!

If you'd like help with writing and publishing articles contact John S at SiteWeave

Examples of Articles on SiteWeave Clients' Web Sites

Below we list:
  1. The name of one of our clients
  2. Their web site address
  3. The title of the article
  4. The page on their web site that displays an article
  5. The same article as displayed on an article publishing web site
  6. Notes about the article

  1. 1. Atlas Trailers: Sell and hire trailers
  2. Web Site:
  3. Article Title: "The Benefits of Buying a Tipper Trailer"
  4. The article on the Web Site:
  5. The article on Ezine Articles web site
  1. 1. Vistaplan-Arand: Powder coating
  2. Web Site:
  3. Article Title: "Powder Coating: Its Early Development and Its Relationship With the Environment"
  4. The article on the Web Site:
  5. The article on Article Base web site
  6. The article on another web site

  1. Easy Alarms: Burglar Alarms
  2. Web Site:
  3. Article Title: "Burglar Alarm Myths?"
  4. The article on the Web Site:
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site
  6. Article displayed on another web site

  1. J Casey: Provide Confidential and Free Debt Advice
  2. Web Site:
  3. Article Title: "Debt Managment Plans (DMP)"
  4. The article on the Web Site: The article was created from the text displayed on an existing page of the web site
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site

  1. Loft Blinds: Supply Velux Blinds
  2. Web Site:
  3. Article Title: "Factors to consider when choosing Velux blinds"
  4. The article on the Web Site:
  5. The article on the Article Blast web site

  1. Vitalyz: Enable physical activity to be introduced safely and effectively to people with a variety of medical and physical conditions
  2. Web Site:
  3. The article on the Web Site:
  4. Article Title: "Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors"
  5. The article on the Ezine Articles web site
  6. Note: all of Tony's articles display a picture of Tony!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Stroke Survivor's Web Site Goes from Strength to Strength

The Different Strokes Portsmouth web site ( was written by SiteWeave in December 2007; they then handed over the updating of the site to members of the group.

Current web master, Doug Laybourne, has been adding more Personal Stories to the web site and it now features the biographies of seven stroke survivors.

The web site provides useful links for stroke survivors, their friends and families and keep everyone up to date with what's going on.

SiteWeave Host Cellular Developments Web Site

Cellular Developments Limited are a specialist manufacturer of sponge and solid rubber mouldings and extrusions, rubber to metal bonded products, gaskets and specialist rubber products.

SiteWeave were approached by Cellular Products Limited (based in Nyewood, near Petersfield) and asked to take over the hosting of their web site and also undertake some search engine optimisation (SEO) work.

The site was uploaded this week and the SEO work is underway!

SiteWeave Launch New Send and Go Web Site

Innova Design & Build are specialists in CAD/CAM (Computer Aid Design/Computer Aid Manufacture). They also provide prototype and small batch machining.

They are located in Hampshire and supply customers throughout the UK. Innova can supply you with machined parts from single prototypes to medium volume production using materials ranging from aluminum and plastics to stainless steel and titanium.

This is the latest of a series of Send and Go web sites created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP.