Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vitalyz feature in the Portsmouth Evening News

Tony and Zoe Duke's company Vitalyz, featured in the Portsmouth Evening News Business Jury on Tuesday 25 November.

Vitalyz provide a training programme so that carers can go into Care Homes and help people take part in seated exercises. Vitalyz provide the UK's only level one, one-day training course and the company is approved by BUPA to supply training and equipment to their 304 Care Homes.

Some of the Business Jury comments:

Paul Goehlet, managing director of Mercator Cargo Systems said" Vitalyz looks like a fantastic business ... a cracking example of a niche business"

Caroline Collings, chairman of the south-east branch of the Federation of Small Businesses said " I like the interactive web communication with prizes, an online shop and up-to-date testimonials"

Lizz Clarke, managing director of LCM Limited said "Great work. Healthcare, and particularly care of the elderly is growing. As you have already proved with your work with BUPA and others, what you have developed is exacly what the market needs."

Vitalyz featured in The Portsmouth Evening News in July 2007 and February 2008

The Vitalyz web site - www.vitalyz.co.uk - was created by SiteWeave (www.siteweave.net) and is updated by Zoe.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rediweld install BusPad across the UK

Since launching the revised BusPad in April this year, Rediweld has been working hard to promote this new version. Successful installations have taken place all over the UK including Reading, Dorset, Boston, Conwy, Worcester, Derby with many more locations still waiting to be installed. The BusPad was recently installed at a location in Derby where they wanted to achieve a temporary raised area for their Park & Ride scheme. The BusPad was installed within 45 minutes and was immediately used upon completion.

Bournemouth Borough Council needed a solution to raise the kerb height for the bus users at Boscombe bus station but did not want to replace their existing bus shelters. As a solution we were able to install the BusPad within the shelters offering the additional raised area required with minimum disruption to the users and public. Boscombe now has four BusPads located within the bus station. After this successful installation we can now offer the BusPad as a bespoke service for bus shelters and standard solutions.

BusPad is proving to be a practical low cost alternative to Kassel kerbs. It can be supplied in different sizes to suit each location. The greatest benefit is the speed of installation and minimised disruption. Features of the revised design include a fine leading edge on the ramps and corners, this eliminates any trip hazard. The unique fixing system secures BusPad to most surfaces and uses a new anchor block made from supertough nylon. By moulding the anchor blocks in white they are used to highlight the flat top area on the raised platform.

BusPad is 65mm high and so raises a normal pavement to typically 170 - 190mm above the road.

The Rediweld web site was created by SiteWeave Internet Services LLP.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Stroke Survivor's Web Site is November's Number 1 Site

SiteWeave's Number 1 web site for November is Different Strokes Portsmouth - a web site which provides help, support and encouragement to stroke survivors, their friends and relatives.

Included on the web site are interviews with stroke survivors and details of the activities of the group. One of the instructors who help members of the group is Tony Duke of Vitalyz, whose web site www.vitalyz.co.uk is another web site created and maintained by SiteWeave.

SiteWeave wrote the site and it is now maintained by Doug Laybourne - himself a stroke survivor.

Click on the link if you would like to contact Different Strokes Portsmouth.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

MouseMesh now sold in Euros

MouseMesh is a metal mesh that can be fitted over air bricks - the small mesh size ensures that mice can no longer enter your premises through an air brick. The mesh size is so small - 2mm by 2mm - that many small insect pests are also barred from entry!

MouseMesh is available in three sizes which can be purchased from the MouseMesh web site - and you can also buy an adhesive which is recommended for use in fixing the mesh to a wall if you don't wish to use screws.

SiteWeave Internet Services LLP wrote the MouseMesh web site some time ago and have seen a steady increase in the number of visits to the site, and MouseMesh have seen a steady increase in sales to clients in the UK.

Encouraged by enquiries from Europe, Tony Carr of MouseMesh requested SiteWeave to create pages and a PayPal shopping basket so that MouseMesh can be bought in Euros. These pages and shopping basket were launched today.

Atlas Trailers feature in Land Rover Monthly

Atlas Trailers, who sell Atlas trailers and hire Atlas trailers, feature in the December edition of The Land Rover Magazine. Lindsay Porter who wrote the article recently chose an Atlas Trailer.

Lindsay points out that being able to hire the trailer that you are interested in is a good move as you can try it out under real world conditions before you buy. Atlas Trailers have a extensive trailer hire arm to their business and this has proved a real advantage in promoting the now well regarded Atlas Tipping Trailer.

Lindsay outlines some of the pitfalls in buying a trailer, especially cheap imported American boat trailers and goes on to discuss buying livestock trailers, horseboxes, boat trailers and tipping trailers.

Also discussed in the article is 'Using the Atlas Trailer'. Lindsay writes: "Clive Ballard, the man behind Atlas Trailers, demonstrates the Atlas Tipper's versatility. A single spanner is used to loosen or tighten each pinch bolt holding each upright in place ..."

The article also includes a very useful check list on buying a second hand trailer, offering 15 areas to check before making a decision. Legal requirements are covered, both for towing a trailer and for the construction of the trailer itself.

Our thanks go to Land Rover Monthly and Lindsay Porter for allowing us to reproduce parts of their article on choosing a trailer.

SiteWeave Internet Services LLP wrote both Atlas Trailer web sites and are delighted with the additional publicity provided by this prestigious magazine.