Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Who do you trust?

In an interesting piece of research by YouGov of more than two thousand internet users it was found that a British user is six times more likely to choose a .uk rather than .com address when looking for information via an Internet search engine.

62% believe a .uk suggests a company is local or more relevant than a .com with 72% saying they would visit a .uk address first while only 5% said they would try a .com site first.

A third (32%) of people believe that it is important for international companies to have local domain names in order to attract local customers.

At SiteWeave we recommend that clients register or domain names as their primary domain, with a .com registration to prevent anyone else from exploiting the success of the domain name at some future time.

Source: Kingsmead Interactive

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Writing Articles to Promote Your Web Site - Article 1: Why you should do it

There are many ways to promote you web site in order to enhance its search engine ranking; among these one of the most effective is writing and publishing articles.

Article can be published in two ways:
  • Added to your web site
  • Published on the Internet using one or more well established article publication web sites.
Sometimes you will add the articles to your web site and publish them on the Internet; sometimes you’ll only publish them on the Internet. Sometimes you’ll place exactly the same article on the web site and Internet; sometimes you’ll make subtle changes – it’s up to you.

On your web site, articles provide more content (which Google likes) which contain key words (which search engines will find). They can also provide useful information that visitors will return to read, and may recommend to their friends – your site can become an authority on topics closely related to the services you provide and/or the products you sell.

Published on article web sites, your articles will provide emails links to your company and links to your web site.

Articles can provide a win-win situation.

When we suggest writing articles most people tell us:

I don’t know what to write about!

But you do! You almost certainly take for granted the knowledge you have relating to your business/industry.
  • Do you know what powder coating involves, how it’s done or how it evolved?
  • Do you know more about how to keep tropical fish than your neighbour – or how to decide which size tank to use, how to filter the water and what lights to use?
  • Do you know how badminton racquets are made and restrung; do you know what it’s like to work behind the scenes at the
  • Olympics?
  • Do you know what CNC stands for – and means? What is a demand valve? What do heat exchangers exchange?
  • What is Organisational Consultancy, what are NVQs and how does my organisation become Investors in People?
These – and may other questions – can be answered by one or more of our clients: YOU! You have the knowledge and if you areprepared to invest the time and effort you can write not one, but whole series of articles that can be added to your web site and/or publish on the Internet.

What are you waiting for - get writing! But see article two first!

Hampshire Lawyer's web site is SiteWeave Page 1 for July

The web site for the Hampshire Law Society ( web site is SiteWeave's Page 1 web site for July.

Each month SiteWeave features one of their web sites that yields a Google Page 1 ranking when searched for using five words or phrases.

The Hampshire Law Society website is a forum for Hampshire solicitors. They campaign, train and provide social events for their members. They also assist members of the public in obtaining legal advice in many different areas and it is easy to search the site in order to find a solicitor in your local area or a solicitor who specialises in the area of law in which you need help and advice.