Monday, 31 January 2011

Brewers Roofing the the SiteWeave site of the month for February

SiteWeave launced the web site for Brewers Roofing last year - see the SiteWeave Blog for July 2010. Although a single page web site, it can be found on Page 1 of Google when searched for using five search terms and thus qualifies to be the web site of the month of February - the 38th such site since January 2008.

The five search terms are:
The last of these is particularly good since it is not resticted to a city or county. We bumped into Darren Brewer a couple of weeks ago and he told us how useful the web site had been in providing new business and said that it had paid for itself several times over!

If you would like a web site please take a look at the SiteWeave web site and contact John Studd by email or telephone: 02382 753 289.

SiteWeave Launch Baffins Farm Catering web site

Baffins Farm Catering
will provide a complete catering service for corporate events, family occasions, special events such as weddings and christenings and barbeques.

Sample menus are available online, catering for breakfasts, buffets and pick and mix platters.

And if you live or work in the Baffins area you can can enjoy our great food out at The Baffins Farm Café. Many get their day off to a great start with a hearty cooked breakfast which includes a vegetarian option.

To keep up to date with what's going on at Baffin's farm Catering visit their Baffins Farm catering Blog.

Baffin Farm Catering and their Blog were created by SiteWeave Internet Service LLP - supplying web sites and services for clients in the Portsmouth area - and beyond - for more than 11 years.

SiteWeave launch new conservation web site

Colin Smith Conservation Limited is the culmination of more than 30 years personal Research & Development experience in the fields of applied pest control, fumigation and conservation.

Throughout that time, Colin has sought to find effective methods of controlling and eradicating insect pests specifically avoiding the use of traditional pesticides, with regard to environmental protection, health and safety, and the risks to the very artifacts and materials we are trying to conserve.

In developing the ZerO2™ system, Colin believes that he has achieved this aim by using materials and techniques which can be applied on-site, to both large and small artefacts and at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment methods.

The web site is based on the SiteWeave Send and Go scheme, with additional features. If you would like further details of our web designs please visit our web site or email John Studd.

Selfcatering Gosport is SiteWeave web site of the month for January

The Selfcatering Gosport web site actually offers two selfcatering options:
  • Dolphins is a one bedroom holiday house sleeping two people, south facing with attractive views over Haslar Marina from the first floor living room and balcony.

  • Harbour Lights is a one bedroom apartment with views from all the windows over the old Gosport ramparts and Haslar Marina to Portsmouth Harbour and Spinnaker Tower.
Both properties have free, unlimited wireless Internet (wifi) access. See the Local Attractions page for more on the many activities with a few minutes walk. Both properties have allocated parking spaces next to their entrances.

The web site was created by SiteWeave - as is another web site, Selfcatering Marazion, Cornwall operated by the same organisation.

If you would like SiteWeave to create a web site for your business please take a look at the range of web site designs we offer:
  • Single Page web sites - ideal for very small businesses and those businesses just starting out and who need an Internet presence

  • Our Send and Go web sites - Send us the content and we'll have a six page web site ready to Go

  • Bespoke web sites - web sites whose design, appearance and function fulfills every requirement you require.
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