Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SiteWeave launch Solicitor's web site

Robert Nield is a solicitor with 30 years experience in private practice in the Waterlooville, Fareham and Portsmouth area. He qualified as a solicitor in 1980 with distinctions in Conveyancing, Contract Law and Accounts.

With the importance of personal decisions in the area of Lasting Powers of Attorney and wills Robert has expanded his services offering advice for the elderly (and the not so elderly!) and is a member of Solicitors For the Elderly. In this important area there are significant changes in the procedures for Lasting Powers of Attorney that need careful consideration.

Robert believes in taking a practical approach to problems and transactions whilst applying the benefit of his experience and giving each case his personal attention.

Robert's web site is another Send and Go web site with an additional three page - another web site from SiteWeave successful Send and Go stable!

Friday, 2 November 2012

SiteWeave create Irish-registered web site for MouseMesh

SiteWeave wrote the MouseMesh UK site some years ago and recently created another MouseMesh web site aimed at the Irish market: www.mousemesh.ie.

The site is already ranking well with www.google.ie - see the search results on the SiteWeave Google Page 1 page.

The top five search terms are:

Winter is the time of year when mice attempt to move into warmer quarters - our homes!  Keep mice out by fitting MouseMesh over your airbricks.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

GWS Motorsport is the SiteWeave site of the Month for August

GWS Motorsport was started in the spring of 2010 by Glenn Sherwood, Managing Director of Tructyre Fleet Management, with a road-going Lotus Exige. S2, which spent a lot of time sitting in his garage and not turning a wheel.

Glenn, with no previous racing experience apart from some rally days, took the necessary ARDS test at Goodwood for his race licence and joined Lotus on Track, employed the services of Essex Auto Sport, based in Romford, who specialise in preparing Lotus cars for racing.

Joining Glenn in the car is Jamie Stanley a professional race driver and instructor.

The five terms that were used to find the GWS Motorsport web site on Page 1 of Google were:
  • lotus exige class
  • motorsport race bulletins
  • glenn sherwood
  • lotus cup calendar
  • lotus cup calendar

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SiteWeave is SiteWeave Web Site of the Month!

We have nominated 54 web sites as SiteWeave Web Site of the Month since we started the scheme in January 2008 but never included our own site! This month we remedy this ommision and feature ten search terms that lead to Google Page 1 listings:
From this list you will see that the two main areas of our activities feature well:
We get almost all our new work from clients who have found our web site using Google - showing that the web site is doing its job! If you'd like a web site, of if you'd like your web site re-written and updated, or if you'd like us to promote your web site then contact John S by email or telephone 02392 753 289.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Spotlight on MouseMesh

Small, Medium and Large
MouseMesh Grills
MouseMesh is a grille that fits over airbricks to prevent mice entering your home.  Mice can enter any hole that you can pass a pencil through and an air brick is just another entrance-way as far as they are concerned!

The mesh is made of stainless steel and there are three different coloured plastic frames: white, black and brown.  In addition there are versions of all three sizes with a stainless steel frame, thus making the MouseMesh rat proof.

MouseMesh come in three sizes - all are wide enough to cover the width of one brick and the medium size will cover the height of two bricks and the large size will cover the height of three bricks.

The mesh is fine enough to prevent a range of insects such as beetles, wasps and bees from entering your property.

SiteWeave wrote the MouseMesh web site in 2008 it has featured in this Blog several times since then:
MouseMesh grilles are easy to fit, either by using screws or glue (stainless steel screws are supplied with stainless steel frame MouseMesh).  Whilst many are sold to indiviuals large numbers are sold to builders, care homes and hospitals.

MouseMesh is an effective and humane way of ensuring that your home is free of mice.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Peter Ashley Activity Centres is the SiteWeave Web Site of the Month for June

Peter Ashley Activity Centres organise a wide range of activities in the two forts atop Portsdown Hill, overlooking Portsmouth.

Fort Widley offers riding lessons and other equestrian activities while Fort Purbrook is the venue for archery, climbing, judo, karate and more...

For a site to be designated SiteWeave web site of the month it must be found on Page 1 of Google for five search terms - the Peter Ashley Activity Centres provided five Google Page 1s with a ranking of 1.

The search terms were:

If you are interested in having a web site designed for your business, or have your current web site re-written or promoted then contact John S by email (John.S@SiteWeave.net) or telephone: 02392 753 289.

Take a look at the web site options we offer:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spotlight on Baffins Farm Catering

Baffins Farm Catering services can be brought in whether there's a requirement for two or for 150 people and they will be delighted to offer bespoke quotations for functions such as:
Their menus include:
If you are organising a business event, a family get together or a wedding contact Andy by email or telephone 02392 639 611- he'll be ready to help with all the catering arrangement.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spotlight on Stone and Fire

Stone and Fire - based in Emsworth, Hampshire - manufacture and supply a whole range of fireplaces, stoves and accessories:
Fireplaces surrounds can be custom-made in almost any of the 60 materials that they have in stock and can be made to the size that fits your home - their FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page will provide answers to most of your questions.

Contact Richard by email or telephone: 01243 373 300 and use the map on the Stone and Fire web site to visit their showroom.

Spotlight on Topline Windows

Topline Windows, Waterlooville, Hampshire: Double Glazing, Exterior Doors, Conservatories,  and Solar Panels

Topline Windows - based in Waterlooville, Hampshire - doesn't just manufacture and install  double glazed windows: they also manufacture external doors and conservatories, provide a demisting service for fogged up double glazed windows and recently have started to install solar panels.

The company is a family-run business which started in 1980 and now half of their new work comes from recommendations made by friends or relatives of satisfied clients. Add to this a ten year guarentee on all their instalations and you have a reliable, trustworth local company.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

SiteWeave Launch New Web Site

The charity Peter Ashley Activity Centres provide a range of facilities and activities in the two forts overlooking Portsmouth: Fort Purbrook and Fort Widley.

SiteWeave were commisioned to re-write the original web site and the site was launched on 1 May.

The facilities and activites on offer include:
... and many more!

If you have a web site that you'd like re-written then please contact SiteWeave - telephone John S on 02392 753 289 or send an email.

SiteWeave also provide a search optimisation service (SEO) that has promoted many of our sites to feature on Page 1 of Google - contact John for details of our SEO services.

Gosport Waterviews is the SiteWeave Site of the Month for May

Gosport Waterviews is a lovely 2 bed house with stunning views over Haslar Marina. It is located in Rampart Row, Gosport. From here you can visit many local attractions - or simply sit on the sofa and look out of all the windows where you feel surrounded by water!

The search terms used were:
Since all these terms, when entered into a Google (UK) search, yield a Page 1 listing the site quailifies as a SiteWeave Site of the month.

Gosport Waterviews is another SiteWeave Send and Go web site - the ideal starter web site for a small (and not so small) company making a first entry onto the Internet.  Please visit our web site to read about the complete range of web sites that SiteWeave offers then contact John S by tepehone: 02392 753 289 or email.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Spotlight on Vistaplan Streetware

Vistaplan Streetware
provide a range of traffic management products which promote safety for vehicular traffic and pedestrians alike:
These may be purchased online from the web site.

In addition to Vistaplan Streetware SiteWeave have written and now support and promote several web sites for Vistaplan International:

Spotlight on Vistaplan Drawing Management

Vistaplan Drawing Managament is a division of Vistaplan International Limited and provide a range of products which are used to store documents and related materials.

These include:
These products may be purchased online directly from the web site.

In addition to Vistaplan Drawing Managament SiteWeave have written and now support and promote several web site for Vistaplan International:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blue Door Bindery is the SiteWeave web site of the month

Blue Door Bindery

Behind the blue door of her bindery workshop Gaynor Williams lovingly restores old books and creates wonderful new books.

Her portfolio to date has comprised stabilisation projects for national book collections, a super-yacht interior project; numerous repairs and bespoke hand-crafted books for individuals.

Gaynor also teaches in her workshop/bindery on a one-to-one basis, gives workshops in public spaces to groups, and also participates in local fairs and exhibitions by demonstrating the sewing of books on a traditional sewing frame.

Gaynor's web site is a SiteWeave single page web site but as you'll have seen from its inclusion with other Web Sites of the Month this is no barrier to its good search engine ranking.

Gaynor also has an entry on the SiteWeave Watershed galleries web site which features a range of artists work.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spotlight on Redivac

You've probably never heard of Redivac, but there are many people who are grateful for their products and expertise in supplying and installing vacuum sewers.  Vacuum sewers are installed in places where conventional sewer systems are expensive or difficult - in:
Redivac doesn't just work with sewers - wherever liquids need to be moved Redivac can supply a method - see:
If you want a greater understand of the Redivac system visit their web site and take a look at their videos - you may never think of sewers in the same way!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

SiteWeave Launch Hampshire Home Fixer web site

Hampshire Home Fixer provide a wide range of building, plumbing and electrical services and their work covers changing electrical sockets, fitting out bathrooms right through to building extensions and conservatories.

Fitting homes out with a range of useful additions for the disabled is a speciality and includes:

  •     wheel chair access
  •     wheelchair ramps
  •     disabled hoists
  •     low level kitchens
  •     mobility support
  •     disabled access bathrooms
  •     disabled shower facilities
  •     disabled living space conversions
  •     disabled access extensions
Hampshire Home Fixer found SiteWeave by searching for web site design Portsmouth - we're on Page 1 of Google! SiteWeave created a Send and Go web site which we had up and running within a couple of weeks of the initial enquiry.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Spotlight on CJ Tools

CJ Tools is a precision engineering company with premises just off Portsea Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

They employ more than 40 highly skilled operatives and operate a three shift system to maintain the production environment at maximum efficiency.

In a world where designers are getting younger and manufacturing is increasingly being 'off-shored', CJ Tools provide a service in manufacturing, in the local community, which allows entrepreneurs, start up and established companies to compete in global markets.

They offer the following services:
SiteWeave wrote the CJ Tools web site and have been providing hosting and promoting services for several years.

Caitlin Burchett - Portrait Painter is SiteWeave web site of the month for February

Caitlin's web site was launched in December 2011 and within days was to be found on Page 1 of Google and now it is the SiteWeave Site of the Month for February.

To qualify for a listing as The Site of The Month a site has to be found on Page 1 of Google when searching using five search terms.  For Caitlin's site these were:
Caitlin creates portraits from life or photographs and though based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, is willing to travel in order to undertake commisions.  See her web site at: www.caitlinburchett.co.uk.

If you'd like to contact Caitlin you may do so by email: info@caitlinburchett.co.uk

Friday, 20 January 2012

Spotlight on Vistaplan Drawing Management

The name says it all: Vistaplan Drawing Management provide a wealth of materials associated with creating and storing drawings and other documents:
In addition they sell a range of office and executive chairs.

Vistaplan are well known throughout the UK for the drawing related equipment they sell - which can also be purchsed from their web site: www.vistaplan-drawingmanagement.co.uk

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spotlight on Vistaplan Arand

Chris Shannon - raising funds for
Air Ambulance
Vistaplan Arand provide powder coating services to the Midlands, powder coating a wide range of products for small, medium and large size companies - and individuals.

If you're not sure what powder coating is then you could do no better than read the artciles on the history of powder coating written by Vistaplan Arand's General Manager, Chris Shannon.

The company also has a wonderful track record for supporting charities and you can see what several members of Vistaplan Arand staff have undertaken to raise money for a variety of charities.

The company is expanding and will see the addition of new facilities in 2012.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cash is King web site is SiteWeave Site of the Month for January

Cash is King Bookkeeping Software has been specifically designed as an easy to use accountancy package for the small business.  Costing only £24.00 for a 12 month licence it provides free updates and unlimited support.

You may download a free trial copy to assess the program then purchase a licence on line.

SiteWeave have a long-standing relationship with Cash is King, having undertaken some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in October 2008, then, more recently, SiteWeave re-wrote many of the pages of the site.  As a result we are pleased to add the Cash is King web site to our ever-growing list of SiteWeave Site of the Month.

If you would like SiteWeave to create a new site, update your current site or undertake some SEO work then please contact John S by email or telephone 02392 753 289 - and take a look at the SiteWeave web site to see some of the web sites created and the services offered.