Monday, 18 April 2011

Stolen Trailer Found

A trailer, supplied by Atlas Trailers, and stolen some time ago was recently recovered. Police found the trailer among other stolen property and, noting that it was supplied by Atlas Trailers, visited their web site where a page lists details of stolen trailers.

Using this information the police were able to return the trailer to its owners.

The Atlas Trailers web site, and its sister site, Atlas Trailer Hire were created by SiteWeave and both have featured as SiteWeave web site of the month - Atlas Trailers in February 2009 and Atlas Trailer Hire in November 2010.

Visit the two sites:
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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

TS Tyre Repairs is the SiteWeave web site of the Month

TS Tyre Repairs have had a web site with SiteWeave for nine years, so we thought that it's about time that we made them our web site of the month!

TS Tyre Repairs mainly repair the large tyres found on commercial vehicles, but they say that if it's made of rubber, they'll repair it! We've often been tempted to take our Wellie Boots in for repair!

The five terms that feature on the SiteWeave Web Site of the Month page are:
Clicking on any of these terms leads to a Google Page 1 displaying a link to the TS Tyres web site. Although consisting of just two pages the site is an effective Internet presence for TS Tyres and, as can be seen, is well ranked with Google.

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